Podtacular 295: Halo 4 Ordinance and Community Impressions

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For this show, we cover some of the points we missed in the last one as well as take a look at what you all had to say about the Halo 4 presentation and news that came out of E3. It definitely seemed like everyone was impressed and happy with what we got. We also have community member Jimmyshmo on as our guest host this week. Enjoy

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9 Responses to Podtacular 295: Halo 4 Ordinance and Community Impressions

  1. DarkenedAngel87 says:

    I believe that the radar on the sticky detonator is radar around the grenade. Kinda like how the grenade launcher showed you how many ppl were close to it only this one shows you ppl actually moving into range of the blast.

    It isn’t just normal radar >.>. Sorry but you guys (and other podcasts) see or read things and interpret so wrong. It gets annoying.

  2. Matthew Denis says:

    The Assault Carbine is the Storm Rifle, which is in the game, it was re-named.

  3. Rhadamanthis says:

    I liked Daft Link’s input today- nice work!

  4. Tetrahedrite says:

    Not Penny’s Boat

  5. derk 91 says:

    the Hard Light Shield is not like the Jackel shield. the hard light shield functions like all other armor abilities. you have a set amount of power to use the AA then the AA stops when the power runs out then recharges. the hard light shield stays on and only goes away when the engery is gone or you die. i’m pretty sure that it doesn’t drain extra energy when you shoot it to try to make it go away faster. everyone keeps saying that the hard light shield functions just like the jackel shield, but all the vids i’ve seen shows that it protects you as long as you have power and lasts for around 4-6 seconds… i haven’t counted, but it always looks like it’s lasting the same amount of time. i wish you guys would always stay up to date on this info. fyi the assualt carbine is the storm rifle. sparkcast 12 talked like it could be an upgraded plasma repeater/rifle… the Storm Rifle is just that.

  6. GLewis says:

    Yo, Dusty what is that podart of?

  7. Killer K34 says:

    Forerunner vehicle concept art from the book cryptum

  8. Bioman998 says:

    I can’t believe you read all that…. haha. Yeah. Read the books. I read them in about a day each. Sorry for the typos. Maybe come back to that one later. Just flag it or something.

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