Podtacular 290: Community Impressions

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With all the information that was released last week, it’s time to turn attention to the community and see what you all had to say. The submissions we got were very in-depth and while we didn’t read them verbatim on the show, they are definitely good reads. It’s good to see other fans out there that are heavily infested and are genuinely interested in the success of the game and give their honest opinions. Click on the shownotes to see the submissions in full. The limited edition was announced a couple of days as well, which looks frag-tastic. Kete from The Running Riot joins us for this two hour show. (He manages to make the show longer than usual and cause me pain while editing.) Enjoy

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11 Responses to Podtacular 290: Community Impressions

  1. jc says:

    I thought this was Podtacular not FOX NEWS…I agree Obama sucks ass but you, aren’t saying anything of any substance. What about the NDAA, the wars, or federal reserve you just spout random FOX NEWS crap…anyways, HALO and politics are not like chocolate and peanut butter …you keep your politics out of my HALO.

  2. CM says:

    I wonder what daft thinks about fox news winning its right in court to lie to citizens and call it news or Mitt Romney’s complete admittance to his bigotry to gays. Keep the republican garbage out of the halo podcast honestly. Living in Canada, (a country with a conservative as prime minister) most of us find it dumbfounding that Americans actually support what the republican party is today.

    Master Chief for president.

  3. arrowhead896 says:

    “other fans out there that are heavily INFESTED”? Really?

  4. CM says:

    Do not personally attack anyone on the site!

  5. Dust Storm says:

    I understand that people are here to listen to a podcast about Halo. With that said, I’ve talked to Daft about keeping politics off the show and he will. Now, everyone is entitled to their own political stance. Every party has its faults. If you have an issue with someone on the site, confront them in a constructive critical manner, as per our Terms of Use.

  6. CM says:

    Hooray. I don’t care if someone doesn’t understand politics. They should just keep their republican propaganda off the awesome Halo podcast. Dust does a great job hosting and I believe Dust will continue to do so.

  7. MisterSmi13y says:

    Hey guys great show as always. Like others have said, please just leave the politics out of the show. This is not a slight against Daft on his views or anything it jist doesn’t belong. It divides the audience in a negative way no matter where you stand on the issues. Politics is a very important issue, but this podcast is all about fun and uniting a community under one topic. As always keep up the great work and love the show and keep on fragging trucks.

  8. Killer K34 says:

    Sorry for having such a long submission i do not fully understand the way this site works yet for i am fairly new here. I am active in the 343industries.org forums and am used to typing lots of information fairly fast and get ahead of myself so could you explain the submission to me a little more for i thought it was more of just a straight comment to you guys (also now i think of it, it was more of a comment for slightly live and grim). thank you for always having podcasts and i like how often you do them. these last three weeks ive listened to the past 30 (290 – 260) so thanks for all of the great work and i will not post nearly that long next time.

  9. Rhadamanthis says:

    Seriously… I too lean more on the right with my ideals, BUT your co-host (the chubby sounding fellow), shows a gross lack of professionalism when on Podtacular. He accomplishes nothing, except alienate listeners- this coming from a gamer who sees himself as a conservative. Sometimes it even feels like I’m listening to a Fox News podcast (except FN has credible contributors)! Just please be more professional in the future… If this continues, 343i will have little incentive to associate with your show. #justsaying

    Thanks for all the good/ informative moments.

  10. Freiteez says:

    Listening now. Game informer said what specializations are. It will allow you to have a little more ammo in your guns or a little more health. Stuff like that.

  11. DaftLink says:

    CM, what do you mean Romney’s bigotry toward gays? You mean his support of traditional marriage?

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