Podtacular 289: Then and Now – Campaign Speculation

Halo is widely known for it’s multiplayer gameplay, but for those into the story of Master Chief, you know there is a rich universe that is ever expanding with so many details to drive someone mad. The two mad people on the show today are GrimBrother One from HBO and Slightly Live from Forward Unto Dawn. The discussion is heavily geared to the story between the events of Halo 3 and Halo 4, gathering information from the news that we’ve received and the stories from the books. Enjoy

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11 Responses to Podtacular 289: Then and Now – Campaign Speculation

  1. Rommel S says:

    First of all, I’m a huge, (closet) halo fan, 32 yrs old with a wife and kids. I own and have played/beat every halo game since CE, (on legendary of corse). I own and have read every halo novel that has been released probably 3-4 times each. In cluding the halo encyclopedia, ha ha.
    Now, every day of every week I check the waypoint site looking for new halo news, last week i seen your podtacular show was on there so Ilistened to it. Since then I’ve listened to 4 or your shows, including this one. There not bad, you guys do a decent job speculating about halo 4 and the possible story line and truthfully I find it interesting mixing your ideas with my own. My only suggestion, (corrective critisim), would be for you to read all the books so you have all your ducks in a row, so to speak. I know you said you just finished reading The Fall of Reach. I would suggest you by the audio books instead of actually reading them. This way you can zip through them and know what your talking about. I hope I’m not sounding rude, just trying to help. You should read, and or listen to them in this order. The Fall of Reach, The Flood, First Strike, Ghost of Onyx, and GlassLands. Then as a gap filler go back to The Cole Protocol, which would take place before The Fall of Reach, and then Contact Harvest to see how it all started. After you’ve gotten through all of them, read or listen to Cryptum and Premorium.
    Oh, and you guys, in this podcast, where wondering how many Spartan II’s were left in the halo univers, not written off as dead. First of corse there is the chief, John 117. Then there are the 3 Spartans of Red Team from the halo wars game that in cryo sleep on board the Spirit of Fire slowly making there way back to civilization with no means of slip space. Then there are the 3 Spartans of Gray team from the book The Cole Protocol that other then a brief mentioning in The Fall of Reach have not been talked about since. Finally, there are the Spartans that most people know from the books. Fred, Kelly, Linda and most recently From GlassLands Niomi.
    Ok, I’m done with my filibustering rant, sorry if there is any typos or miss spellings. I’m in a hurry and don’t have time to proof read.

  2. Nice show- one thing I’ve noticed is that you guys never talk about the Captive/ the Primordial as a possible #HALO4 enemy. You guys think otherwise?

    Have any of you guys read Cryptum or Primordium. The books offer a ton of tid bits that’d immediately rule out so much of the speculation going around. I wish more people read the books as they’re quite good.

    GT: Rhadamanthis

  3. Killer K34 says:

    @ http://www.twitter.com/seerrgio – you do know that the didact killed the captive and that he wasnt the last precursor (or even precursor at all)? he was an alpha gravemind that the precursors created and left there.

  4. Cheesecakes says:

    I agree with Rommel S, you guys should really read all the books and get all your stuff straight. Especially with how many complaints about the story you guys bring up. Most of the canon conflicts between Reach and Fall of Reach are covered in Halsey’s journal. Just because Banshees have flaps, it doesn’t mean that their steering relies entirely on aerodynamics. They can probably fly just fine in space, but are retrofitted to be airtight and given more powerful engines for the actual space variants.

    As for the begining of Halo 4… well, questions such as “Why are the covenant there?” obviously will be answered in time, I don’t see some of you took any issue with it. As for Requiem opening for the UNSC vessel and not for the Covenant… well, that’s an assumption to begin with. But really, one of the defining characteristics of Forerunner tech has been that it functions only for humans (that was a HUGE plot point at the end of Halo 3).

    All I’m saying is: if you’re gonna put out a podcast and frequently complain about canon issues, do your homework.

  5. @Rommel and @Cheesecakes


    Feel free to click the link in the episode description to check my Halo fiction credentials at Forward Unto Dawn. I’ve read every single Halo book cover to cover more times than I care to quantify. Yup, including Greg Bear’s fantastic books.

    The majority of the canon conflicts concern specific times and dates of certain events, such as the Pillar of Autumn being in space in the timeframe of the book whereas it is also on the drydocks on the surface in the game. There are plenty places to look for a full complete lists of the canon conflicts and you’ll notice quickly that the Halsey Journal doesn’t quite begin to address the majority of them.

    The Data Drops on Waypoint go a bit further and do attempt to reconcile some of the canon conflicts and do a decent job at tackling some of the more obvious stuff, so maybe you should check that out too. :)

    And Cheesecakes, you may want to familiarise yourself with the differences between the physics of aerodynamic travel and relativistic Newtonian space travelling if you want to understand my specific complaints about the Banshees.

    Try these helpful sites,

    If you can grasp these concepts, I’d be happy to explain to you the nature of the problem the Banshees present and why anyone would care to point it out.

    -Slightly Live

  6. Samba says:

    I think it would be a real fuck you to everyone that does read the books if they don’t have blue team in the game. They have already mentioned Linda in the Halo CE remake so the thought of other spartan 2s should already be planted in gamers that don’t read the books.

    Hopefully spartan 2s in the game will make more people go and read the books and get into the universe.

    lastly I don’t see halo reach as canon and I never will, the book came out first.

  7. Rommel S says:

    Slightly Live,
    I wasn’t directing my comment towards you of the other fellow on the show, (not Duststorm or the guy with the English accent, the other one. I cant remember his name but I’ve deffinetly heard his voice somewhere before and it bugging me because I cant figure it out). Anyway, my comment was directed toward Duststorm. I’m a fairly new listener to podtacular and didn’t realize that him having never read the books is an ongoing topic which kinda made my post a pointless one. You two seemed to be pretty much spot on with the novel side of the halo universe, except for the whole Kurt and James thing at first, which did get sorted out. But for a minute there I was yelling at my phone saying who was who, ha ha.
    The bottom line is the podtacular shows I’ve listen to are good and I’ll keep listing. I’ve only listen to one Forward unto dawn show though. It was the show that waypoint posted last week. It was good as well, and if I find anymore, I’ll listen to them too. Keep up the good work.
    Oh, and as far as in Halo Reach and the Pillar of Autumn being docked planet side verses the novel the Fall of Reach which says the Pillar of Autumn was constructed at a ship yard in space and was never intended for in atmospheric flight of a planet. I’m going with the book, it came first. Plus, in my opinion, Bungie didn’t go all out when they made Reach. It was like they said “This is our last Halo game, let’s get it over with”. It was not even comparable to Halo CE, Halo 2, or Halo 3.

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  9. Wazooty says:

    There are no nanomachines. Master chiefs new armor is purely 343s artistic direction. It is theoretically the exact same looking armor he was wearing in H2 and 3. No nanomachines. Artistic.

  10. Wazooty says:

    There are no nanomachines. Master chiefs new armor is purely 343s artistic direction. It is theoretically the exact same looking armor he was wearing in H2 and 3. No nanomachines. Artistic. The nanomachines only apply to the MK VII, which we haven’t seen yet.

  11. Wazooty says:

    If they can explain all the backstory of the forerunners (who we may be meeting) and the new enemy (who may have 3 whole books related to them), I don’t see why it would be at all hard to explain fred, linda and kelly.

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