Podtacular 287: Halo 4 Armory

The weapons in the Halo Universe have been iconic throughout video games, and the new Railgun will be no exception. There are many similarities between the Railgun as described by Game Informer and other weapons that we’ve seen throughout the history of Halo. To help us shoot our way out of this news, we have Greenskull and JakFireDragon. Enjoy

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11 Responses to Podtacular 287: Halo 4 Armory

  1. daymeon ladd says:

    Hey well my father is on the halo 4 design team for the weapons. He told me that the newest weaponthats being worked on is a bruteshot type like wepon that will not do massive damage because Spartan laser is comeing back and will not work like reach more like halo3 laser I know this is a long comment but I know you will appreciate my help thanks.

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  3. Tetrahedrite says:

    Great Podcast. This is the first podcast from you guys and enjoyed your talk.

    I would have to agree with the idea that the new Rail Gun will probably stems from the Halo 3 Brute Shot and/or the Reach Concussion Rifle. Since it is a Human weapon, I’m thinking it will take regular ammunition which I believe sort of rules out that possibility of being able to charge up shots like the Plasma Pistol (Though, that is a pretty cool idea for a Forerunner weapon considering that their weapons (from what we’ve seen and can speculate) are beam/laser based weapons.) I think the best comparison would be that is will fire similar to a Gauss Hog Turret and have damage and physics similar to the Concussion Rifle and Brute Shot. Also, shooting a vehicle with the Rail Gun, I think, do the same thing as a Concussion Rifle would. The DMR has a clip of around 15 so I think this gun will have around half that; it will be able to hold around 7-9 bullets. And finally, I don’t think there is a zoom. Judging from the other human weapons, there isn’t a scope. I know some previous Halo weapons were capable of zoom that didn’t have a scope but I feel that if they attached scopes to the other longer range weapons, they would have put (at least a small one) on this one. But it there is a scope, I can’t see it being over x2.

    I would continue writing some more thoughts I had while listening but they are mostly minor ones and I don’t really how many people will read this.


  4. Jordan says:

    The assault rifle in Halo 3 was the MA5C. The Halo 4 assault rifle will be the MA5D. 343 have said it’s going to be and feel more beefy and powerful than it was in Halo 3.

  5. Ian says:

    daymeon ladd do you know if the SMG is making a return in halo 4 if it is that would be awesome because me and my friends love the SMG.

  6. PublicToast says:

    I have to say, after hearing this, I’m glad that you guys are not making this game lol. You guys are incredibly biased to the BR and Halo itself, you even resorted to basically trash-talking other games and you make a ton of assumptions on things that have already been confirmed. BR was said by Frankie to be a 5-shot. And bloom was also confirmed for the DMR and the pistol at reduced levels from Reach.

  7. Brandon says:

    I kept hearing your ODST tone on your phone and thought my own phone was going off cause I have the same tone. Great podcast guys

  8. Rommel S says:

    This was the first Pod cast I’ve listened to, not bad. A lot of speculation about the weapons, which is understandable considering the small amount of info that has been released. Then, the comments about the Forerunner vision got me thinking, (speculating). I would think it to be very doubtful that the chief will just have this ability at the start of the game. That thought led me to wonder if he was going to get some kind of Forerunner upgrade or possible new Forerunner battle armor, (something like the class 12 battle skin mentioned to John 117 by 343 Guilty Spark in The book “Halo: The Flood”).

  9. Killer K34 says:

    just wanted to say real quick about the mac on the halo campaign in reach, its called a mass driver. the difference between a mac and a driver is that mac cannons were built for warefare meant to tear apart the enemy where as the mass driver was first used for mining operation (the scarab for the covenent were also built as mining tool but later implemented for warefare with the aireal cannon installed on its back).

    @Dameon – i dought that your dad would tell you that so you could go spread the word to people (im not saying that your dad isnt working for 343, im just saying if he was i would think you wouldnt be telling people details) but i could be wrong

    is there any schedule to when these podcasts apear because it seems they are quite random?

  10. daymeonladd says:

    Well just to inform you my dad has told me quite a bit about the wepons he’s on and he’s told me because I’ve been a halo fan since halo 1 and I oun evry bersion of halo. We have discussed things at the dinner table like wepons and I have shot him ideas that he said he would tell his coworkers. I love this idea of a railgun and it will be fun he said the design is done but they are unsure of the power it will have in game . The smg will return btw along with the plazma rifle .repeter thing. And there will be another suprise they haven’t relased at least what my dad has told me is that well since I aperantly wasn’t told ill keep it to my self but expect it at e3 you can ask me questions at 4196056362 text or email daymeon11@gmail.com

  11. St0rm six says:

    Long time listener, first time caller

    Gotta say guys I love all of this speculation and turns out y’all are pretty good at it, well Greenskull at least for sure.


    @Killer K34
    The Weapon you use at the end of Halo: Reach was not a mining tool, it is a large Mounted defensive weapon. They obviously don’t lug that thing around. Also a mass driver can use one of two technologies, both use electronic and electromagnetic forces to propel objects, one is a “rail gun” setup where two rails are charged and used to propel an object and the other is a “coil gun” which uses a series of sequentially charged elctromagnetic rings to propel the object. The UNSC uses a “coil gun” setup for most of their weapons because of the durability of the design. A MAC gun IS a mass driver, it just propels a mass of a superdense or explosive nature at enemies while civilian mass drivers are commonly used for propelling large containers or shipments into orbit.



    Probably not a good idea to put personal information online especially if you are young enough to be living under your parent’s roof and people might want to exploit your dad’s 343 connection. If your dad really does work for 343 there are penalties for leaking information

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