Podtacular 286: Lightning Round

The whole gang is pretty much exhausted from real life stuff that’s happened this week, but this doesn’t keep us from at least mentioning all the information that was dropped over the last week. Game Informer continues to release more information about Halo 4, and we keep on taking as much as we can. We’ll do a more proper series of shows next week to cover the information properly and adequately, but for now, here’s a taste. Enjoy

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  1. TheHalfbloodK says:

    Hey. I read in the game informer magazine that Master Chief armor changed because Cortana worked on it wile he was in cryo-sleep. It sounds like the mark VII MJOLNIR armor ( in Glassland what Spartan Naomi was wearing ) where “the armor contains nano-technological components, which enables the armor to repair and upgrade itself autonomously without outside influences, such as while the user is in cryo-sleep.” (Halopedian) . i don’t know but maybe mark VI has the same characteristics.

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