Podtacular 281: Halo 4 Game Informer News

It is our first official Modtacular as we join forces from the good folks over at the Waypoint Community Modcast. It was inevitable for both of our shows to come together and it has finally happened. This certainly won’t be the last time either. We are joined by CruelLEGACEY and his crew of Waypoint Moderators to discuss officially the details released in the latest issue of Game Informer. 343i also released a first look into the composer for Halo 4. The music being the game is nothing short from amazing. Here’s the link to the post that GrimBrother One read out regarding the direction 343i is taking Halo. Enjoy

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2 Responses to Podtacular 281: Halo 4 Game Informer News

  1. Samba says:

    I really liked this episode, I have been hanging around the HWP forum and I’m really tired of the hate and I went in to this episode thinking that it would be the same but you guys really keeps an open mind.

    I really like the new stuff we have heard about so far. That doesn’t mean that I think that it will work perfect and be balanced but I like the change and trying out something new. It might suck but it might also be the best Halo game ever, we don’t know.

  2. XGHOSTOFW4RX says:

    Definitely enjoyed this.

    You guys did stay open minded throughout and had optimism. I feel as if I could relate to that, and that made it easier to sink into.

    I agree with most of the things stated and honestly am completely excited for Halo 4, more than I was for Reach to be honest.

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