Podtacular 265: CEA Multiplayer Speculation

This week, we have JVB on the show, the previous co-host of Podtacular. Unfortunately, there was an issue with the recording, so a lot of the one-on-one conversation we had at the beginning of the show was lost. In a nutshell, JVB has continued to put out the Post Game Report over at Talking About Games, he has, since leaving Podtacular, he has started The Bad Dudes Lifecast and his own solo podcast. He is also the community manager over at Entertainment Consumers Association. We also have late guest hosts Kete from The Running Riot and Rukizzel from the Waypoint forums. The remaining of the show that we managed to record includes us talking about the latest Halo Bulletin, which we plan to do on a weekly basis on future episodes. Finally, we talk about the multiplayer maps we will see in Halo CEA. Enjoy

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