Episode 26: Customs and Call-ins

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Submit Your Tips for Headlong!

Headlong is next week’s map of the week. This Big Team map really set Halo 2 apart from it’s predecessor with a large-scale multi-tiered level. It’s an awesome map for CTF or Assault, with quite a few ways to storm the base, escape with the flag, or plant the bomb. Strategy is key here. Send in your tips for Headlong and we may put it on the show! Just remember to include your gamertag so we can give you credit. Just post those tips in the comments for this post.

We’re also looking for more good general tips, web resources, and custom games. Email them to us at podtacular@gmail.com and we might just put those on the show too and mention your gamertag!

We record Sunday afternoon, so get those tips in NOW! Sorry for the short notice.

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Be sure to send any album art submissions to podart@gmail.com!

And thanks to RendarRevisit for submitting the album art above. Awesome!


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