Podtacular 252: Defiant Community

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So the Defiant Map pack has been out in the wild for about two weeks now and it’s time to reflect on what the community thinks of the first non-Bungie Map Pack for Reach and the beginning of 343 Industries’ take over of the Halo franchise. While the maps are amazing pieces of art, some of the Forge functionality is missing, which leads some people to question the ability of 343 Industries. They are still young in the Halo franchise and we are hopeful that they produce quality Halo content. Brent plays switch-er-roo with GLewis and we have Kete from The Running Riot and CMNeir, MidgetDance, and DoobsMcGee from Halo Reach Tricks and Social Stupidity. We may have been partially side-tracked from playing while recording… Enjoy

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  1. wilbotron says:

    yeah more episodes

  2. uhh oh oreo says:

    Why did you post so many episodes at once? Could have had a free episode to release after a few days. lol… Let me know when you need guest host.

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