Podtacular 227: Halo Reach Impressions

We decided to go ahead and do a show for the day just to cover some of our impressions on the Halo: Reach Beta. All the quirks, bugs and issues we found we talked about in this episode. Next week’s show will be the community’s feedback. Enjoy

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5 Responses to Podtacular 227: Halo Reach Impressions

  1. The Dog Patch says:

    Wait the beta is over?!?!

  2. Deltoren says:

    the video you made on it was nice but laggy

  3. bla says:

    you guys are super boring, sounds like you guys are laying in bed and hugging each other.noObs!

  4. GLewis says:

    Brent is one comfy pillow. just saying.

  5. Triple J says:

    are you guys taking a break or something?

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