Podtacular 226: Halo: Reach Live

The first show on the Halo: Reach Beta is finally here after many delays. We are joined by AnTi Pro from Arm the Flag for an interesting in-game podcast. We go over some of the things that are new in Reach, focusing on Armor abilities and some of the new gametypes and maps. When we get to the actual podcast format after the Beta is over, we will go into more details on everything. Enjoy.
Here is the video version: link

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5 Responses to Podtacular 226: Halo: Reach Live

  1. The Dog Patch says:


  2. xImmortal007x says:

    Ever think of turning down the Ingame audio? The halo gameplay made whatever you guys were talking about inaudible.

  3. Dust Storm says:

    I couldn’t turn down the audio because I couldn’t pass the game audio through my mixer.

  4. The Dog Patch says:

    It was funny to listen to though

  5. Deltoren says:

    the video quality is very laggy but other than that it is ok

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