Podtacular 217: Halo vs Call of Duty Roundtable

It’s been a while since we’ve had one of these so called roundtables, so we thought we would pit the two top shooters in the ongoing Halo vs Call of Duty debate. Both have their highs and lows, but with the constant development of these two series, it is good to re-evaluate the situation. Joining us for this episode is the former host of Podtacular: foo mo jive, forum mod Painkilla05, My Halo Life’s JakFireDragon, and TTL Gunslinger Xerxdeej. Enjoy

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10 Responses to Podtacular 217: Halo vs Call of Duty Roundtable

  1. Jak says:

    Ah, that explains a lot. There was lag on the recording, which is why it sounded like I was interupting people constantly!

  2. Jak says:

    Maybe 3rd time’s a charm.

  3. The Gamer28 says:

    Hey, when you gonna put on a girl?

  4. ChuckieJ says:

    We’ve had a few ladies on in the past and there will likely be more in the future LOL

  5. The Gamer28 says:

    Yeah, but for new listeners is what I mean. Female audiences may agree with me.

  6. The Gamer28 says:

    And dusty said he would try and get a girl on for this one.

  7. Dust Storm says:

    When we can get a hold of some who are interested.

  8. deformed orange says:

    How come it is not on itunes?

  9. Noobsmasher48 says:

    cool episode!

  10. razza 119 says:

    just ask glewis to pretend to be a girl

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