Podtacular 213: Callins and Tales from the Foxhole

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It’s way late, but that’s my fault for not getting Chuckie the voicemails on time, which he did a perfect job as always. This week we catch up from our month off of crazy schedules and school to bring you the majority of our mailbag of random frags and tales from the hole of fox. No guests this week, but lots of random stuff to talk about. Enjoy

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4 Responses to Podtacular 213: Callins and Tales from the Foxhole

  1. Noobsmasher48 says:

    Such a cool and funny episode! :)

  2. The Gamer28 says:

    hey guys! sorry for so many submissions, but it was one a week + a TFTF. Message me if you wanna play halo or firefight.

  3. razza 119 says:

    this is the song chuckiej was on about
    and it was a great show guys

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