Podtacular 208: Multiplayer Tips: Heretic

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With the latest Halo title out, everyone who isn’t dropping into firefight is probably fighting their way through online matchmaking. One of the more recent maps that have come out that is a definite fan favorite is Heretic: the remake of Midship from Halo 2. We have some good tips sent in from the community as Painkilla05, who recently achieved 10,000 forum posts joins us to help read them off. Enjoy

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5 Responses to Podtacular 208: Multiplayer Tips: Heretic

  1. The references I made, were from (in this order)…..
    Sonic Grenades and Particle Rifles are from my Uncle’s (STR RaxusReaper) fanfiction.

    KPA and Nomad are from Crysis by Crytek (who should make the next Halo)

    KPA stands for Korean People’s Army

  2. chuckiej says:

    I think you have to play WoW before you can call yourself Leeroy

  3. ChuckieJ says:

    Glueus was thinking of KP at the end. He used to come by the forums quite frequently.

  4. soccersac says:

    sorry about the spelling i forgot to run a spell check cause i was outside skateboarding while i was posting so i didn’t notice them

  5. giffyboy92 says:

    I’ll b listening to this

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