Podtacular 207: Firefight Tips: Crater & Alpha Site

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You all have waited for this and it’s finally here: The first episode in the Firefight rotation. To start things off, we are going two of the more popular maps: Crater and Alpha Site. You sent in the tips and we got to read all of them, so listen up: there’s some good stuff in here. Thanks to Lilkuke, Brent Gamer and stallmeplease for being on the show. Enjoy

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12 Responses to Podtacular 207: Firefight Tips: Crater & Alpha Site

  1. GLewis says:

    One of the best listens for myself. I think Brent should be on as many shows as possible.

  2. ODST EJY says:

    Agreed. He is hilarious and is an awesome guest. Speaking of Brent, can’t wait until Aneheim comes so you guys release a new inside MLG.

  3. adswellfit says:

    i got the guide free just for dressing as the chief

  4. Mr Sk3tchy says:

    i agree with ODST ejy and G, Brent should be on more shows. He is hilarious!!

  5. PlasmaFox says:

    I agree with everyone above: Brent should defiantly be on more episodes. He is really humorous and the shows are rather funny when he is on. Another great installment, Podtacular :)

  6. razza 119 says:

    whe i said i havent played crater i ment i hadnt played alpha site

  7. ODST EJY says:

    Whoopsiedasie. I mixed up Alpha Site with Security Zone. :P I get them mixed up because they have the same screenshot when you select them.

  8. PunxsatownyPhil says:

    Razza, you’ve played alpha site! I played it with you, chickenfoot and Moose the weekend it came out. Remember?

  9. razza 119 says:

    have i?

  10. Pr1v4teChurch says:

    @Statboy well if theres no shotgun on Crater then why is there ammo at the top with the spanker ammo?

  11. razza 119 says:

    thats sniper ammo church

  12. cdanhenley says:

    Hey guys… uumm, i sent the guardians the email back for registering, and im not activated yet or wuutever. what should i do? any admins out there? is it that they havent checked the email yet? plz help.

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