Podtacular 203: Shishka Interview

While at Dallas, we got to play some Firefight and some of the new Halo 3 Mythic Multiplayer maps. The man in charge of the whole thing is Chad “Shishka” Armstrong, Bungie employee who let us get in on a little Firefight action and a chance to play Heretic, the Midship remake from Halo 2. We had the opportunity to sit down with Shishka for 90 minutes and put his mind to our daring questions, one especially from Brent, but I shall digress. We had a few guests come in and out of the show, including Podtacular’s own Redot. Lots of interesting things especially right before the launch. Enjoy

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9 Responses to Podtacular 203: Shishka Interview

  1. chuckiej says:

    Can I just say that Dustin, Greg & Brent did an absolutely brilliant job with this interview. It also clears up somethings people were confused about.


  2. GLewis says:

    Hey Dusty anni wasn’t there. just Redot.

  3. Dust Storm says:

    He was there in spirit :)

  4. Pr1v4teChurch says:

    thanks for fixing the issue with 202 dusty!

  5. PunxsatownyPhil says:

    Who’s Redot? Never heard of him.

  6. Dax says:

    you should have done a video of the firefight match and interview.
    But the show was great none the less. Great job :D

  7. Pr1v4teChurch says:

    still cant find 203 on the podtac page on iTunes? wat is rong?

  8. Dust Storm says:

    Just deleted and created a new podcast entry. Hopefully it gets fixed now.

  9. PlasmaFox says:

    Great job, guys!! I wish I could have made it to Dallas, and this filled me in nicely. Can’t wait for 204

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