Podtacular 200: 4 Year Anniversary

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This show was a huge success, especially for those who came and listened to us on our livestream channel while we broadcasted live. Unfortunately, the quality is a little clipped. For some reason, my recording software didn’t want to record until I updated it, so it didn’t record the skype chat. I had to use the audio from the video stream, and apparently, it got clipped a lot and no one even told us in the chat that it was too loud and getting clipped, so what I have for you is that. Sorry about the quality, but I’m sure you will enjoy the content. We had quite a few guests show up and a few that didn’t: Founder of Podtacular: Foo Mo Jive, First Co-host: SpelChek (splee cheeks), Around the Ring Host: Lancelot, Old Website Administrator: CapnKrunk, and Backup Host: ChuckieJ. We really thank these guys for taking time to come and chat with us. For those who were there live, we deeply appreciate you tuning in. I think we had up to 30 people come and join us at LiveStream. Big thanks to those who stuck it out until the end of our 3 and a half hour show, on top of the hour pre-show. Enjoy

Special thanks to Lilkuke for his Podtacular History Montage that he put together for us, highlighting the prime moments of Podtacular, to Rice sNaK RozZ for the Most Epic Keep On Fraggin’ Trucks, and to Arbitation for the Podtacular Mosaic Project that is this episode’s podart.

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15 Responses to Podtacular 200: 4 Year Anniversary

  1. Arbitation says:


    It’s out at last!

    Good job guys, and here’s for another 200!


  2. RicE sNak RozZ says:

    yes EPIC WIN!

  3. moose0030 says:

    Great Show guys. Good to hear the old host and the moment montage. Also i submitted this episode as news to bungie.net so hopefully it gets published.

  4. Chickenfoot089 says:

    Great show, pity about the quality.

  5. Samus 117 says:

    Sweet, I was there, but I didn’t know how to sign in.

  6. ChuckieJ says:

    Thanks Moose, it did!

  7. razza 119 says:

    i forgot 2 call in
    so 2 quote homer simpson doh!

  8. Kaisaga says:

    I wish I could have been there, I loved listening to the show. I can’t wait for Podtacular to keep on producing amazing shows.

  9. MLempire14 says:

    I need to fix my speakers, so it wouldn’t have mattered whether I was there or not… :/

    Anyway, listening to it now.

    Great job on the show, Dust Storm; GLewis; everyone else;


  10. chrissygrl28 says:

    Great show. Late comment but oh well.
    Can’t wait for the next 200 :D

  11. all yor hopes says:

    :supried smiley face:

  12. Quatch. says:

    Happy anniversary Podtacular!!!!!!!!!

    Lets continue for another 10 years!

  13. giffyboy92 says:

    I finally got to listen to the whole thing. I called in i don’t know why it didn’t register in the show. I called the day after the recording of the last tales from the foxhole show so i figured that would mean it would get aired. Anyways it was my first time callin in so i probably made a mistake. Great job on the podcast guys.

  14. Scarface_Spartan says:

    Aww, I didn’t make it XD

  15. The Gamer28 says:

    I cried for the quality. My ears can still hear the sound of robots talking in a raspy voice. But happy almost year late 200th episode!

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