Podtacular 198: Callins and Tales from the Foxhole

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So if you are one of the many faithful followers on Twitter, you would have known that this week we had the producers of Cyberline Films come join us on the podcast. Creators of My Halo Life Chickenwaffle, JakFireDragon and AceofSpades sat down with us for some lengthy humor all of which you will get to experience in this episode. Because of the duration of the show and the amount of extra editing that would have to go in, I’m presenting the full 2 and a half hours of recording: the longest Podtacular podcast to date. Consider it the summer blockbuster that’s not 200. So if you are getting any last summer vacations in, this would be great for the road. Chuckie is also back with more voicemails with an interesting song at the end. Enjoy

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22 Responses to Podtacular 198: Callins and Tales from the Foxhole

  1. I long the long episodes. Sweet.

  2. AI Hacker says:

    I am listening to your fine podcast while I eat my crumpets with jam and drinking my tea.
    Keep up the good work

  3. giffyboy92 says:

    I’ll have to listen to this one on the computer cause my iPod is now dead and lifeless.

  4. Wakashi says:

    That was an epic podcast. Thanks to whoever clarified on the podcast about the “what up TUHUP” greet I typed in for last week’s podcast. My Xbox is fixed also!

  5. fOe KaNaRy says:

    I think that before this podcast the episode that i was on was the single longest podcast not to be split into 2 episodes. The episode clocked out at an hour and fifty-four minutes. We only had six submissions on top of all that. This ones pretty long though so i’ll have to draw somethin on the computer while i listen to this so i have something to do (only because of my broken iPod :( ).

  6. chrissygrl28 says:

    Wakashi, you are welcome. [For clarifying your “What up TUHUP”]

    Well great show guys, I didn’t even realize 2.5 hours went by. :)

  7. razza 119 says:

    gr8 shows guys what was the song called at the end of the callins?

  8. Scarface_Spartan says:

    Aww, I didn’t make it :(

  9. Dust Storm says:

    Yea, we had to leave out about half of the submissions due to time constraints.

  10. ChuckieJ says:

    razza its called “Baby Got Book”, its on YouTube.

  11. razza 119 says:

    after lisnin 2 the show for a second time me realized u did not read my submission (sad face) why?

  12. Scarface_Spartan says:

    So, will there be a part 2 episode?

  13. Maximo Notts says:

    That was a long podcast. Excellent though.

  14. Dust Storm says:

    Why would there be a part 2?

  15. chrissygrl28 says:

    Wow, I just checked the comments for whatever reason, I’m pretty sure in the show Dust Storm or someone even said they wouldn’t get to all the submissions. AND, if the show was already 2 and a half hours long why would there be a part 2? Really? -.-

  16. Well the Episode may have been 2 and a half hours long but I’m afraid it was a lot longer, try double! lol

  17. Maximo Notts says:

    This episode is a show to prove who is dedicated to listening to 2 and half hours of other peoples submissions before they finally reach yours.

  18. We could have done all the submissions if someone wouldn’t have chickened out *cough* *cough* Dust Storm *cough* *cough* ;D

  19. Dust Storm says:

    Let’s just say we’ve never had a show longer than two hours, and we are trying to keep them all down to 90 minutes.

  20. Kaisaga says:

    This Podcast was truly epic. I’ve been listening to a lot of the older podcasts and hearing this makes me think that Podtacular has gone back to it’s roots. Just laughing and joking around about Halo and having fun. I listened to it today… 3 times. Keep it up guys! loving it.

  21. Steven Pullam says:

    So, i really really enjoyed doing this podcast…whoever Uber1337pwnr is…you sir, made my day

  22. AceofSpadesCard says:

    above person is me…if anyone was curious

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