Podtacular 197: Customs and Creations

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We’re back with more Customs and Creations submitted by our listeners as the Podtacular Sith: Domaku graces us with his presence. Luckily, we all made it through alive. We managed to have the same number of submissions as we did last week for the main part of the show, but we have good ones for you. Also, details are starting to flow out about episode 200, so take a listen. Enjoy

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7 Responses to Podtacular 197: Customs and Creations

  1. AI Hacker says:

    Love the show keep up the good work and keep fraggin trucks from the watch stealer that cross state lines so dust storm can not get his watch back

  2. razza 119 says:

    abosoloutley amazin show guys
    what was the name of the song in the bloopers?

  3. chrissygrl28 says:

    Great show guys :)
    Btw, what kinda amount of donations are you looking for from an average person?
    20$? or so on?

  4. chrissygrl28 says:

    Oh and I get those insurance calls too about my coverage ending and what not. Funny thing is I’ve never owned a car, so I’ve never had to deal with insurance so yes, keep on fraggin’ insurance companies. :P

  5. Dust Storm says:

    For donations, anything we can get at this point.
    As for the song, it was AC/DC: Back in Black.

  6. Jakegamer117 says:

    woooooo AC/DC rocks and the show rocks

  7. domaku says:

    thanks 4 letting me guest host man

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