Podtacular 189: Callins and Tales from the Foxhole

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GLewis makes his triumphant return to the show, and with his help, we manage to almost cover 2 whole hours.  Giffyboy joins us as our guest this week as we dive into our voicemail and tales from the foxhole, despite the low turnout of submissions.  This episode is brought to you by Pokemon and Google. Enjoy

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6 Responses to Podtacular 189: Callins and Tales from the Foxhole

  1. Samus 117 says:

    Oh, sorry I didn’t submit anything. I will try for the next episode though.

  2. chuckiej says:

    YAY GLEWIS IS BACK! Good job to Giffyboy too

    Yeah, Achievement Junkie hasn’t done anything since September. I’ll tweet Nelson and see if they are still thinking about doing it.

    Achievement Junkie – 09/24/2008

  3. Aadude says:

    Giffaaaay! Glad to see you were able to guest host! I’ma download and listen in a bit.

  4. Scarface_Spartan says:

    Wow, that’s a few submissions.. I should have submitted that Pre Game Lobby chat, it was really interesting..

  5. Uzi says:

    Good show guys, Dusty Get CoD:WaW first Nazi Zombies RULEZ!!!!111!

  6. l33twaffle says:

    lol. im robbl a noob or asking this, but wats e song n the bloopers t te end?

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