Podtacular 188: Customs and Creations: Mythic Edition

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Coming out a little late, we probed the community for customs from the mythic maps and we got quite a reaction, especially for Sandbox (go figure).  Kinda short this week as we have returning guests Painkilla05 and Captain Planet on the show, but definitely worth a listen if you are looking for community customs (or if you like to hear PK’s sexy voice).  Enjoy

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8 Responses to Podtacular 188: Customs and Creations: Mythic Edition

  1. chickenfoot089 says:

    Yay! Turlet

  2. Domaku says:

    The episodes not out on zune marketplace yet

  3. Aadude says:

    Turlet the pokemon!

  4. Painkilla05 says:

    Painkilla! One word! Not a capital K!!!

  5. chickenfoot089 says:

    That was a bad impression by Captain Planet.

  6. 2cool4skool says:

    yah! judas preist!!! go painkilla! owww

  7. Duke says:

    Mexicans on a bridge. NighLight your fucking panze ass mother fucker. Im sorry that mexicans do jobs that you get payed $5 and hour that no white man would want to take.

  8. Christina says:

    Just started listening to Podtacular and I love it. :)
    Good job guys, and I plan on listening to all the new upcoming episodes.

    GT Chrissygrl28

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