Podtacular 183: Customs and Creations

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Well, after unfortunate circumstances of me forgetting to bring my editing pieces home with me over the break, the episode is making it’s appearance. Captain Planet makes his appearance on Podtacular this week and Crypto misses out for reasons I don’t remember. We have a few submissions from new maps and still a good number from the older ones.. Thanks to Fungus Oz for this week’s podart. Enjoy.

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13 Responses to Podtacular 183: Customs and Creations

  1. lilkuke says:

    Yay Aaron!

  2. Cryptoflix says:

    i was

  3. Cryptoflix says:


  4. aadude says:

    Just try to forget all the cheesy jokes I used. XD

  5. Uzumaki15 says:

    Woohoo first can’t wait to listen, it’s finally out YAY.

  6. fOe KaNaRy says:

    Yay, I was just thinking about how awesome it would be to hear captain planet on the podcast! I’m listening now.

  7. wow im an idiot says:

    HEY!!! not nice GLewis, u want me to change it u give me the 800 microsoft….. k

  8. chuckiej says:

    Good job aadude! Saving the planet! I need to go to ATL and GLewis can show me the little town.

  9. chuckiej says:

    That’s all right cuz you called the voicemails like 4 times.

  10. FaTJeRKy says:

    Yay it wasn’t spam :P

  11. chickenfoot089 says:

    Damn. I forgot to submit, I didnt have the maps though………..

  12. Fungus Oz says:

    Thanks 4 using my picture dusty!

  13. Tacticalleader says:

    That Podart is the best ever! Fraggin’ trucks!

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