Podtacular 179: Around The Ring – DRM Debate

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Hello Podtacular! This is the first of the debate/discussion series that I hope to be able to continue once every few months or so. This one focuses on DRM, or Digital Rights Management. It’s a global issue. It affects all forms of digital media. All video games, music, videos. everything. It’s a big issue. Thanks to everyone who submitted, all of the submissions were very well put…except for one with terrible grammar that I had trouble following. You know who you are. Joining us is Logan Payne, from the Podtacular community. Enjoy the episode!

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20 Responses to Podtacular 179: Around The Ring – DRM Debate

  1. Logan Payne says:

    The bloopers are golden.

  2. Lancelot59 says:

    The feed takes time to update. It should appear soon.

  3. theDAXman says:

    that’s why I use the number pad on the side of the keyboard lol.
    And it’s not coming up in ITunes yet

  4. Lancelot59 says:

    It’s fixed, the 9 and 0 keys are so close together. lol.

  5. Logan Payne says:

    I think the link links to episode 170

  6. EliteSpartan says:

    Hey guys thanks for summerizing my sumission because when you read it it sounded more complex than I thought.

  7. Gisele Bündchen says:

    wa 2 Go Guys nice Work

  8. guy_is_jigsaw says:


  9. l ninjaman59 l says:

    Maybe I’ll be able to submit for the next one.

  10. EliteSpartan says:

    Congrats chickenfoot.

  11. Lancelot59 says:

    We were dug! Yay!

  12. chickenfoot089 says:

    Thanks for reading my submission, it was my first!

  13. PoopInABasket says:

    DRM fails

  14. Nero the Demon says:

    Lancelot you fail at making things simpler to understand

  15. Lancelot59 says:

    It’s a flaw. Doing that takes a lot of effort for me.

  16. fOe KaNaRy says:

    i forgot to submitt for this one. Great job on the podcast guys.

  17. JAC Overlord says:

    I was gone during the submission period, so I couldn’t send one in. :(

  18. Logan Payne says:

    I just realized that laptop is a macbook pro like mine, pfffttttt.

  19. razza 119 says:

    DRM sucks

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