Podtacular 174: Callins and Tales from the Foxhole

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We are back after quite some time off from the holiday break. So to kick things off in the new year, we catch up on the community Tales from the Foxhole. Krunk brings us the voicemails and JP Oliver is our guest for this week. Thanks to lilkuke for this week’s podart. Enjoy

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22 Responses to Podtacular 174: Callins and Tales from the Foxhole

  1. aadude says:

    That chick that called in was HAWT XD. Good job JP, and other hosts.

  2. killerZred says:

    Oh my gawd! I miss FooMo… still the echoing of ‘KEEP ON FRAGGIN’ TRUCKS!!’

  3. EliteSpartan says:

    Me to but we gots to move on to the new era of podtacular

  4. Leonidas117 says:

    Voice messages go to the phone number 206-888-HALO, and all “epiK” kill videos are in the orange button right under the big green one. Make sure it’s in your fileshare.

  5. killerZred says:

    Dumb question, where do we send voice messages, and post epiK kills?

  6. PoopInABasket says:

    Nice job JP.

  7. fOe KaNaRy says:

    I’ll listen to it tonight. I changed my gamertag to giffyboy92 so if I was in the episode everything is with my new gamertag. Thanks guys!

  8. DeathByTheMorning says:

    i less than three u more jp lol

  9. Dust Storm says:

    It’s really my fault for not getting a hold of you sooner or giving you a heads up.

  10. CapnKrunk says:

    That would be my fault. Held up the show by not being timely with the call-ins segment. Forgive? Please? Hey, thanks!

  11. DeathByTheMorning says:

    wow bout time i been waitin all week thnx guys!!! keep up the good work specially u GLewis

  12. chuckiej says:

    Great show guys!

  13. Uzumaki15 says:

    First!!! Can’t wait to listen.

  14. Leonidas117 says:

    Dude… Is that really what time it came out? I turned my computer off like 5 minutes before then. Wow.
    Listening now.

  15. lilkuke says:


  16. Leonidas117 says:

    Btw, I has proof. I got it captured at GamerChiefs. I’ll find it for you later, give you a link on Steam, Dusty.

  17. EliteSpartan says:

    Hey, guys I am downloading it on iTunes and then i am going to listen to it. I am excited I love Tales from the Foxhole shows.

  18. Leonidas117 says:

    Ok. Found it, but video’s corrupted. Let me find the fixed one. Crypto, Dusty, add me on Skype. Same as my username here.

  19. 1nfiniteSingularity says:

    I thought it was ShotgunFriendly who created Nay-Nay…

  20. EliteSpartan says:

    I thought he was too.

  21. Uzumaki15 says:

    Infinite and Elite episode 155 with Scotchgun (if you’ve listened you’ll know) said the oringinal Neigh-Neigh was found by Face head the Podtac nay-nay was I do beleive found by shotgunfriendly

  22. EliteSpartan says:

    O my bad just listened to it .Nice one Uzumaki. But I like the podtac nay-nay because they make him or her seem awesome and funny.

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