Podtacular 172: Blast from the Past

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This week, we have former show hosts Foo Mo Jive and JVB come by and visit us for a special episode. Jokes go flying and nothing goes the way we planned it. This week’s episode is nearly 90 minutes long, with 8 minutes of bloopers. You asked the questions this week and we have the answers. So join the fun as JVB tries to find his air, GLewis becomes a Jedi, and I humiliate myself. Oh and did I mention the folding bikes?!? Enjoy.

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17 Responses to Podtacular 172: Blast from the Past

  1. DeathByTheMorning says:

    woo first comment! Go Foo Mo, JVB, Dust Storm, Krypto, Glewis, and Lancelot you guys rule!

  2. Uzumaki15 says:

    WOOHOO listening in like 10 minutes.

  3. Lancelot59 says:

    This was the craziest recording session ever.

  4. theDAXman says:

    Listening right now, can’t wait to hear the bloopers:D

  5. tokyoinamerica says:

    Funny episode good job!

  6. theDAXman says:

    Hi A.S.S I’m A.M.P

  7. Scarface_Spartan says:

    Did I make it to the longest Keep on Fragging list?

    @JVB (if you see this): Your right, I am Filipino and proud of it!! (well mostly for Manny Pacquiao cuz he’s now the best pound for pound boxer)

  8. marooner says:

    cant wait to hear this.

  9. PrOdIgY says:

    Listening soon yo.

  10. Uzumaki15 says:

    Lance you live near DC!?!?!?

  11. Lancelot59 says:

    B.C. in Canada.

  12. chuckiej says:

    That was awesome! I’m glad Skype didn’t melt down too!

    BTW, you can’t digg podcasts anymore so we need to take that off the list.

  13. Lancelot59 says:

    *Ding* Fixed.

  14. Longrange950 says:

    cant wait to listen to this. :)

  15. Fungus Oz says:

    WTF was that little voice goin “I’ve only done oooooonnnnnneeeee…..”

  16. Gisele Bündchen says:

    OMG no stars can rate on how grate this episode was 1 most funnest episode ever

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