Podtacular 165: Cortana and Halo Campaign Show

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Releasing a little late this week, the final campaign show is making it’s debut, until Halo Recon comes out. GLewis was experiencing internet issues and wasn’t able to be on the show, but we had a nice visit from Lancelot, host of the Around the Ring podcast. This week we discuss the final two Halo 3 campaign levels. Thanks to all the submissions we got. Thanks to the person who submitted this week’s podart as he/she did not include their name.

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24 Responses to Podtacular 165: Cortana and Halo Campaign Show

  1. Uzumaki15 says:

    When will it be on Itunes?

  2. Dust Storm says:

    umm, now?

  3. Uzumaki15 says:

    K thanks good show Dusty I remember kuke kept falling off at the end.

  4. stallmeplease says:

    yay thanks for readin mine

  5. JK2Ree12 says:

    good show. Very funny especially when discussing about Disney songs and the problem with the grammar :D XD

  6. Nemisie says:

    the show notes arn’t working

  7. Dejagp says:

    wow i sumbited and didnt get red for like the 3rd time wow

  8. Dust Storm says:

    My personal site is down cause of issues with the hosting site, so the show notes will be down. I don’t know when it will be back up.

  9. Dust Storm says:

    The earlier you submit, the more likely you will be on.

  10. gunny13 says:

    finaly I got mine red, and thanks guy my girlfriend loved that you red my shout out.

  11. Lancelot59 says:

    Thanks guy!? We have names! *sniff* And for Dejagp:, it was a about 10 episodes before my first submission got read on Podtacular when Foomo was running things. So just keep an eye on the site. As Dust Storm said: the sooner you get it in the more likely it will be read.

  12. lilkuke says:

    LOL thanks for the shoutout Dusty. I try ;)

  13. Arbitation says:

    I’m so sorry guys!!!!
    I forgot to call it the ‘special assualt rifle’
    I feel like I just fell in a puddle of mud and then someone told me it was dog poo.


    Great show guys!

    EDIT: Oh my god you actually used the freaking hamster song.
    I’m going to have to dis-own Podtacular audio show now…


  14. Dust Storm says:

    Couldn’t think of anything else that’d fit.

  15. Lancelot59 says:

    It was inevitable that Dusty here would use it. At least it’s over now. Although it was a little loud, couldn’t hear the funny stuff in that was the bloopers too well.

  16. ScrawnyPaleMan says:

    that picture is awesome

  17. Mr Smite62 says:

    hey guys

    i haven’t uploaded this episode onto my ipod (but i will probably in about 20 mins lol actually) yet but i really hope my “book” was read. Especially if Cryptoflix read it (sorry if i spellled it wrong :'( ) :D. but please don’t tell me now that mine was read i want it as a surprise. My apologies for the new inside joke “regular and special assualt rifles” i wanted to declare that you used the basic weapon, the assualt rifle, so i called it regular sorry! anyway sorry for the mispells on this submission it was long and i don’t have firefox for spellcheck. I dont remember them all but one, i think talking about the way to the Mythic skull, i said “huf” the wall, i meant “hug” the right wall. anyway, DONT TELL ME IF MINE WAS READ. ill find out tonight though!!

    Post Script (ha i bet you guys didnt know that!): nice podart its awesome! To anynomous (mispell i bet) person: Your picture is awesome! wouldn’t you want us to credit you!?!?!!?

  18. Rouge 119 says:

    I gots shout-out. :)

  19. Wipacer says:

    LOL! you were ordering pizza in the middle of the show! HA

  20. Delta Snow says:

    Smite said that you can spawn with a spartan laser in the level Halo. You can. He said that you need to go to find a terminal though. You need to find a skull: http://www.gametrailers.com/player/usermovies/111797.html. The skull is a second blind skull.

    PS:There is also a secret terminal in this level (which you don’t need).

  21. KBC says:

    I just sent in my voicemail. It was a day late so I didn’t make it too long. Just some shout outs and such.

    You guys are really doing a good job with the show. I just wanna see some GLewis action ;)

  22. Shogin7000 says:

    Great job whats the next show gonna be?

  23. Lancelot59 says:

    It’s being recorded now.

  24. triggerhappi55 says:

    Anyone know what email the podart came from? Cause if it was Eli.Jacobson.TH54@gmail.com, then it was me, because I forgot to mention my name.

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