Podtacular 162: The Return of the Podcast

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From all the events that have transpired on the forums, many of you know that the podcast was en-route to it’s triumphant return. Well, maybe triumphant is a little over stated, but we are happy to present the first return episode of what made this community famous and enjoyable. Hope you enjoy this episode as much as we had fun recording it. Be sure to be on the lookout for your chance to submit content for the next episode.

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56 Responses to Podtacular 162: The Return of the Podcast

  1. atlrichard77 says:

    Well Well Welll

  2. Smurphy says:

    i havnt actually listened to this yet, but im sure it will be amazing!!
    great to have podtacular back, i actually found out about it as it was just ending, so i guess you could call me a n00b to podtacular
    well im glad im here to see the start of a new podtacular era…

  3. Dust Storm says:

    Well, we are definitely glad you stuck around.

  4. Fearless987 says:

    Yes the Podcast is back!

  5. Delta Snow says:

    This was unexpected. Nice job.

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