Episode 161: Tails N’ Customs

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In this episode Cryptoflix and I cover several custom maps and tails from the fox hole. The maps played are available on My Fileshare we called it 162 in the episode, but it is supposed to be 161.

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4 Responses to Episode 161: Tails N’ Customs

  1. ZonTheGreat says:

    W00T! Finally!

  2. Dust Storm says:

    Sorry about the long comments, guys. I’ll make it sorter next time. Great show though.

  3. Uzumaki15 says:

    Nice show Freak glad my clip got in there. Keep up the good work. I know my name is confusing if you want to know how to properly prononce my name go here an fast forward to 4:26 [url]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uTT0kBqBMM4&feature=related[/url]

  4. PoopInABasket says:

    Awesome. My video got on the podcast. woot woot!

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