Episode 156: The Covenant Campaign Show

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It’s the final user submission show, and this one’s all about helping you do well on The Covenant. Guest hosts this week are Lone Banana Fone and Cross Before Crowns. Pod art this week was a shared screenshot on Bungie.net taken by Stumpy Starling. Show’s just under an hour and has some crazy outtakes at the end about the making of the intro. :)

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13 Responses to Episode 156: The Covenant Campaign Show

  1. Master_Podtack says:

    yay first post! dl now great show peepz

  2. noobs are ppl 2 says:

    its preety good 2nd post im sooooooooooo happy my life is acomplished

  3. DK5000 says:

    3rd post, not bad, now to listen 2 the show….i can’t wait, im the first one on the shownotes =[D

  4. ManOfPopsicle says:

    very nice pod art. I still haven’t listened to the last one!!!! GOTTA CATCH UP OMG

  5. PrOdIgY says:

    is this on itunes i checkedd??

  6. Anorexic Leader says:

    Wow retro-ish eh? So DLing now…

  7. Uzumaki15 says:

    Great podcast the intro was hilarious the wookie could have been a bit better though.
    JVB sorry about the wall of text but I was really rush when I was typing the submission.

  8. Master_Podtack says:

    wowomg im not even in this…..

  9. Swift Ninja1 says:

    sounds kool, iml listen later cuz im 6 shows behind right now. :/
    oh well :)

  10. MARDER10162 says:

    cant believe you guys skipped mine :(

  11. raikenov says:

    Wait? No more user sent in stuff? WHY NOT!?! WAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHhh (To the three hudred thirty third power of three)

  12. gunny13 says:

    absolutly hilarious. oh and whats the song in the intro called?

  13. stallmeplease says:

    as always, 5 star show

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