Episode 149: Multiplayer Tips and Map of the Month: Construct

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We’re back and ready to rumble with a great multiplayer show. We read off your tips on how to level up and stay there and get into some very helpful general multiplayer tips as well. Guest hosting this week is TRUTH N JUSTICE, a friend… well we explain that in the show.

JVB and I just got back from the Gamertag Radio Community Vib3s event in Miami, Florida and it was a great time. Naturally there was a Halo tournament there and we got to talk to the winner along with some very knowledgeable and cool PMS Clan ladies. They give some really good tips on how to break through the glass wall to the higher levels in Halo. Pod Art this week is courtesy of Plasma Qrenades. Strap in, this one’s a burly 1:17. Oh and at the end… get ready for a surprise!

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32 Responses to Episode 149: Multiplayer Tips and Map of the Month: Construct

  1. Turian209 says:

    Yay first comment! And I’m on this one! (I’m Nate the Gate, I changed my username.)

  2. kbcmmm7667 says:

    2nd Comment. I am downloading right now.

    Edit: I sent in something when Foo Mo was away and I am not even mentioned in the Shownotes. WTF?!?

  3. BlazingMedic says:

    yay im soo happy i got mentioned lol 3rd Comment.

  4. Assassin073 says:

    Yay I’m in it!
    Haven’t heard it yet, just saw the shownotes.

  5. marooner says:

    yay, another dose of podtac for me! :)

  6. Killazilla says:

    Gah my stuff got lost in transition also.

  7. plasma qrenades says:

    awesome, listening now…also could you change the podart submission to plasma qrenades…I used my other email address..also w00t, podart for two episodes in a row

  8. LadyLuck PMS says:

    It was awesome to play in the GamerTagRadio H3 tourney and talk to you guys afterwards. Hate that I missed 1st by 2 kills, but it happens. It was great to talk and be on the show. Learned some new things listening in and maybe I should sent my own stuff in XD Thanks guys!

  9. Swift Ninja1 says:

    hey guys nice show. I loved Ivory Tower it was probably my 2nd or 3rd favorite map.

  10. DK5000 says:

    I think the map they were thinking of was Colosseum, I always went up the lift to the top to grab the beam rifle, if not just to make the cool vooosh noise when you do it.

  11. ManOfPopsicle says:

    erg i can’t download…

  12. Master_Podtack says:

    omg yet again im NOT in the showw. I AM SOOO mad. FOO mo plz get to my subbmission because i have been senden em in and the y dont be read.

  13. azn_dude1 says:

    wow, shows 1:17…seems like a familiar number

  14. trainsrokg says:

    was i on the show? i havent listened to it yet

  15. kn1ght l1ght82 says:

    ey guys went into i tunes and its not there will it be soon

  16. shotgunfriendly says:

    i sent in the first time as well not even in shownotes =( *sad face*

  17. ManOfPopsicle says:

    how are you guys downloading it? I got iTunes and Zune and it’s not up on either of them, and I can’t download it from the website.

  18. jaydizle says:

    i cant download it either. ya just got to wait till you can download it. :(

  19. Assassin073 says:

    only 14 out of 54 submissions read.
    that’s 40 unread, including mine.
    i put lots of effort and thought into that one.

  20. Assassin073 says:

    The map was ivory tower, by the way

  21. foomojive says:

    sorry to all the folks we didn’t get to read their submissions… with 2 weeks of submissions we had a ton this show. Be sure to send in stuff for customs and creations, it’s only one day of submissions so much more likely. :) at least most can be read in the shownotes still!

  22. kn1ght l1ght82 says:

    foo will it be up in tunes soon?

  23. azn_dude1 says:

    customs and creations… not callins… why did you guys change the name?

  24. foomojive says:

    it’s in itunes now… and azndude whoops i that was the old name. force of habit.

  25. Master_Podtack says:

    ok il send in for cac!(customs and Creatons)

  26. ManOfPopsicle says:

    finally downloaded it, i thought it was a good episode. not to mention my grenade jump submission got read! (it was my first submission)

    foo mo I’m glad you had already seen that sniper perch video. no one would have understood lol

  27. Hoogs says:

    What is with you people announcing you’ve posted “Xth” comment? We can see that.

  28. Luke Gray says:

    Concerning Fearn’s post, i think Bungie removed that bug and when you jump down there you immediatly die. Maybe I am wrong, but last time i tried it i died.

  29. Phish says:

    Hey guys two notes

    1. Everyone can nade jump

    2. The spot that ManOfPopsicle refers two can also be accessed on team slayer by jumping off a team mates head as they jump. It takes a try or two but is way easier than the off the power drainer method.

    Juiced Pirate

  30. ManOfPopsicle says:

    Yeah I knew about that but I mean I only have like a 20 in TS and I hardly play it unless we’re doing some customs.
    But I mainly play Lone Wolves… I think I have a 33 in that… I don’t know… haven’t played in a while

    but yeah the tip was for mainly those of you that are Lone wolves players

  31. theDAXman says:

    they cant read every comment sent in

  32. theDAXman says:

    nice job

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