Episode 144: Callins and Tales from the Foxhole

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My favoritest show of all is back! This is all about voicing the cool and crazy things that happen to Halo gamers while playing Halo, along with the Halo Nation’s voice mails. CapnKrunk narrates those and makes the bad ones walk the plank. TheRussianKolob joins JVB and I this week for the tales from the foxhole. Pod Art this week is from SonicBOOOOM on bnet. Show’s about 1:20.

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22 Responses to Episode 144: Callins and Tales from the Foxhole

  1. Arbitation says:

    Just starting to listen to now!!!

    P.S. thanks for FINALLY releasing the callins and tales from the foxholes ep.)

  2. Anorexic Leader says:

    Listening, while I take a much needed nap. I’ll probably fall asleep in a few mins, but at least I’ll hear the new podcast some…

  3. Master_Podtack says:

    Lol This Is Grrrreat!

  4. Swift Ninja1 says:

    hey this wuz a great show that finally came. By the way, I read spoofmaniac’s “keep on fraggin trucks’ line and have to say that if u didn’t read to read it. I thought it wuz pretty funny.

  5. mattko1 says:

    they didnt read mine

  6. marooner says:

    Cant wait to listen to this tonight.

  7. plasma qrenades says:

    aww…the voicemail ankle brace has tightened :(

  8. shotgunfriendly says:

    oh u dident read mine oh well it was preety damn funny and ironicly if you would have read mine you would have known that nay-nay is not a midget nay-nay is a glitch a glitched moniter. so basically nay-nay is a short robot. so watch out foomoo cause you may have a moniter floating above your shoulder annoying you while play MM. that was a preety funny show still.

  9. Tapio says:



    My friend is a midget(i think people nowdays say small people?)
    mayby i should tell him to give this episode a listen lol

    CapnKrunk FTW good choice for instrumental! CLASSIC!

  10. TheRussianKoLob says:

    There were a lot of them to read, needless to say we barely made a dent in them there were so many. Hopefully they will get to your’s next time around. Also, big thanks to drive_c for helping us make this show possible since I couldn’t record a dang thing at my house. lol

    Oh, and also, here is a link to the terminal page if any of you want to check it out. It is long, but definitely worth the read if you are a true Halo fan.


  11. thatguykalem says:

    Oh my god… that was so funny… Kermit the Frog had his Anus Armour removed “It’s terribly cold out here…” lmao!

  12. natorlardtazium says:

    wow that episode was hilarious. i’m gonna have to try that thing with the hunter anus’ lololololololololololololol

  13. ostemb0r says:

    I tried it
    It Blows!
    Lol! :)

  14. SPARTAN II3 says:

    Russian, you didn’t mention me, only Dust Storm… Meanie…. Afterall, I did transcribe the terminals.

  15. foomojive says:

    wow you did all that? that’s a lot of work, thanks man.

  16. SPARTAN II3 says:

    I did the transcription interpretation part, lots of people didn’t know what the terminals were about, so I eplained it. Dust and Russian got the info., I basically changed it into a more simple form on the forums.

  17. Master_Podtack says:

    Hey all! My 360 really did fall down the stairs….but my friend kicked it sooooo…….. OMG MY MODEMS GONNA EAT ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Kiaffex says:

    Really liked this show, great job guys.

  19. reaper_of_shadows says:

    AHHH EVIL MODEMS….damn modems and your evil scemes

  20. Stikboy824 says:

    I wouldn’t be his friend anymore if he did that…I feel your pain man

  21. Stikboy824 says:

    Ok like the 5th or 6th guy on the voicemails really didn’t make any sense, the one who was talking like he was in iraq or something talking like “My men had no amunition, and our leader stood up and said um he said, um um um um, COVER ME MEN, and I was like sitting down and I stood up on the tank and I had dual SMG’s and I was like killing all of them, yeah. Bye all bye bye.” That guy was freaking wierd, like wtf shut up you suck at talking and telling stories go to hell.

  22. friendlyshotgun says:

    hey dude so nay nay’s a short-midget robot…that’s a shock

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