Episode 142: Call of Duty 4 vs. Halo 3 Smackdown, Part 1 of 2

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It’s a special edition of Podtacular where we finally acknowledge Call of Duty 4 and compare it with Halo 3 in depth with this slugfest two-part series. This show we have Dialpex, community director at Podtacular, CapnKrunk the webmaster, and guest CaMaRoGuY579 from The Gamers Garage, another quality gaming podcast. Since this is a special episode, part two will be also be out this week. Pod art this week is from wizardwd on Bungie.net.

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28 Responses to Episode 142: Call of Duty 4 vs. Halo 3 Smackdown, Part 1 of 2

  1. Swift Ninja1 says:

    I haven’t listened to it yet, but it sounds cool.

  2. Tarheels32 says:

    Sweet deal

  3. azn_dude1 says:

    I thought it was going to be the customs and creations show this week.

  4. Laffapoluza says:

    naw man i def thought it was a callins and tales from the foxhole cuz i sent something in…whts goin on Foo Mo

  5. Laffapoluza says:

    whts also going on with the pics and stuff anyone know

  6. marooner says:

    sweet. I love both of the games and it is very hard to choose which one i like best…. well, i guess not :D

    but seriously i found it hard to choose for about the first week untill i got most of the stuff in CoD 4; then i found that halo kept dragging me back for more :D

  7. foomojive says:

    callins and tales from the foxhole is probably also coming later this week. i’m trying to get this series out in the mean time.

    i know there are problems with the images… i think capnkrunk is working on it. the content management system is doing some bizarre things lately.

  8. Renegad3 N says:

    Should be a good fight. Will get a listen later on today.

    Keep up the good work.

  9. CaMaRoGuY579 says:

    Thanks so much for having me for this special 2 part edition of Podtacular.

    It was quite the honor!

    Also, here is our link back to you guys!

  10. mattko1 says:

    Dang I was waiting for the Callins and Tales From the Foxhole episode. it was the first time I actually sent something in.

  11. Arcade Wizard says:

    Halo 3 ftw

  12. azn_dude1 says:

    yeah same here

  13. CapnKrunk says:

    All in good time, my friend.

  14. foomojive says:

    hang in there, it will be out [i]very[/i] soon.

  15. GeneralHooah says:

    Nice work!

  16. Anorexic Leader says:

    I’m was about to listen but it’s nap time! So I shall hear the best podcast once again tomorrow….BTW Halo’s Matchmaking owns COD4 all day! It just makes no sense that in COD4 if you lose a ranked game you can still go up in rank??? What the heck Infinity Ward… Also no online achievements? Sure people complain about Halo’s, but trust me those are fair. I did them all legit…. COD4 is amazing, but Halo 3 will live on for years to come.

  17. Chevelle65 says:

    Nice job guys!

    I love tha Capn Krunkies on the Pod cast!!!

    Listening now!

  18. ostemb0r says:

    Thanks for the show dudes, listened to on train to work this morning
    Impressed with the sound of COD4 campaign.
    Going to get it on my way home.
    Can’t believe the music will be as good as H3.

  19. CrimsonViper says:

    CoD4 matchmaking > Halo 3

    2 people I know were talking to me earlier, they won 11 Team Slayer games in a row and went up 1 rank to level 40, and then lost 1 game and fell 2 ranks.
    Halo 3 and CoD4 ranking systems are completely different, same with EXP and the CoD4 ranks. If you have a high EXP, you win a lot. If you have a high rank in CoD4, you simply play a lot. This ensures people who aren’t pro to be able to rank up at the same pace. Sorry for being fair :(

  20. CrimsonViper says:

    IMO the episode got biased around 30 minutes in :I
    I mean, mainly things like trying to talk about how intel relates to cheats and how fun A Bad Year is :d
    Other things include: http://kotaku.com/gaming/rumor/call-of-duty-4s-co+op-might-come-later-298396.php
    The balance is perfectly fine [b]*cough mauler cough*[/b], except the M16 assault rifle which you get straight from the start nevertheless. The P90 is unlocked at level 40, roughly an automatic equivalent of the M16, and I doubt you’ll encounter it as much as it’s exaggerated in the show.

  21. Redot says:

    I agree. I felt that certain comments were very biased…but I am excited to hear about Call of Duty on the show. Looking forward to Part II =D.

  22. foomojive says:

    disclaimer for all future and past shows: all comments are biased.

  23. Commander Raiku says:

    Do homework, or listen to new podcast…


  24. Killazilla says:

    Solution: Do both at the same time.

  25. Tapio says:

    2 of my current fav games on 1 show.. *drool*
    But i still love halo 3 more :)

    Since JVB is P Diddy of podcasting,i guess camaro is JVB Jr because camaro is also starting to be evertwhere!
    or he is part of JVB`s “Making the podcast”
    Good stuff guys!

  26. Anorexic Leader says:

    @ CrimsonViper

    I understand what your trying to say when you like how people in COD4 all rank up at the same pace. But honestly it makes no sense…

    Now if you want to rank up at the same pace, I think all COD4 players should have to play longer to unlock weapons and perks. But as far as your number rank and symbol, I think your highest skill should work like Halo.

    In Halo when I get matched up with a brigadier the first thing I do is check their service record. Granted they may be a high rank, their overall win percentage may be terrible. It takes some people a couple hundred games to reach a high rank, and others may of had to play thousands. Their win percentage can tell you alot about how good they are as a player. I personally own COD4, but I’ve been busy with Halo to take time out and play online. So I hopped online the other day, and its my first game…I like to play FFA, so I choose that hopper. I get into a game with all level 50 or higher guys…Now granted you must take into consideration, I am a level 4 in COD4. No prestige or anything…literally I never play it. It was a match on Crossfire (my personal fav). After the match these guys actually stayed in the lobby, and were spamming me with “Oh My God, we just got raped my this new kid….” and “Is this a second account or what, b/c your a beast!” THAT MY FRIEND IS NOT GOOD MATCHMAKING! Just b/c you play alot, and have unlocked all the weapons and perks, does not make you good. When I play halo and I get into a game with high level players, I expect good players, who are serious about the game, and don’t suck. This concept is completely wasted in COD4, and matchmaking is not fair when compared to skill. I have had many matches in COD4 turn out the same way, where the higher ranked guys start to talk their smack, and then my basic M16 with no special sights or add-ons, and just desert camo owns every last one of them.

    If I did start to play a lot of COD4 online and did achieve a high rank….I’d so rock the M16, with Overkill perk so I could use the P90 as secondary. Honestly, if wielded right, you can take down a shotgun with ease.

  27. Dialpex says:

    People that are bad at halo tend to think it sucks with the exception of a few… Halo sucks so bad that MLG just signed a contract to show its games on ESPN for the 08 season. Go figure…

    CoD is a GOOD game and that’s about it… I like the MP, i like the ranking system and i LOVE the story. However it will all be over in a couple of months when R6V 2 hit the stores. Then it’s another era… R6V2 vs Halo 3… and so on and so forth…

    /end rant and back to world domination!

  28. CrimsonViper says:

    Yeah, but, if you want to know if a player is good – just check their user k/d as you said you do with Halo 3. The absense I think you’re referring to is skill-based levels; like ranked playlists in Halo. To be honest, I personally don’t really mind. If someone is awful and on his second prestige then they’re clearly bad. If someone is a high level in Halo it doesn’t technically mean they’re incapable of mistakes.

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