Episode 132: Multiplayer Tips and Map of the Month: Guardian

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It’s time for another regular Sunday edition of Podtacular! This week TerminatorLlama joins us from the far reaches of Llamadom to help us help you level up and stay ther in Halo 3 multiplayer. We talk about general game play tips and specifically how to kick arse on Guardian. Along with more enlightening subjects such as movies about roving bands of bloodthirsty sheep and what a zombie goat would sound like. Pod art this week comes courtesy of SGT Corona. Be sure to wash your hands before listening.

UPDATE: Oct. 29th 7:54 PM EST Show is now fixed. Download away!

Once again, I couldn’t resist! This is why we had the weird music:

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20 Responses to Episode 132: Multiplayer Tips and Map of the Month: Guardian

  1. BigGoalieDan says:

    huh…I’m getting a 403 forbidden error whenever I try to DL it. Also this episode does not appear when I load through Firefox. Louis Wu said he had problems a few episodes ago with that issue of the episode not appearing on the front page.
    Edit: Tried with firefox…realized I didn’t log in on firefox and it appears now. Still can’t DL though

  2. Hax_Phantos says:

    I also get an error when I try to download.

  3. Dust Storm says:

    I get Access Denied

  4. Hoogs says:

    Yeah, I’m having a problem too… Try to download with Firefox and it finishes right away.

  5. Darman117 says:

    same here, it wont let me download it….
    but I neeeeeeeeeeeeed it

  6. Laffapoluza says:

    Poop! it wont work

  7. Spoofmaniac says:

    O noez!

  8. JVB says:


  9. t3hreaper says:

    Nice episode guys!

    Needs moar one legged purple bellied squirrels, though.

  10. Killazilla says:


  11. Tarheels32 says:

    That guy is amazing.

  12. dman07 says:

    Man i have to wait to download it my zune is really slow. First time posting so pretty excited hoping to join some halo 3 tournaments when i finally get xbox live. Oh quick side note i saw Guitar Hero 3 in stores today not sure if its out yet i don’t think so.

  13. TerminatorLlama says:

    It’s still not on iTunes for me

  14. foomojive says:

    It should be on iTunes now. Just go to podtacular in the podcast tab and update the podcast.

  15. Spoofmaniac says:

    I can’t understand Llama. It may just be my shotty laptop speakers though…

  16. OverlordStrider says:

    WTF? That was creepy yet sooo satisfying!

  17. Hoogs says:

    Yeah, he was kinda hard to hear through headphones, so I can imagine laptop speakers would just make it worse.

  18. TerminatorLlama says:

    Yeah in first half my mic was in a weird position, sorry

  19. DirtaDawg420 says:

    This is the funniest thing I’ve seen in a while.

    I nearly cried.

    Bit your knee!

  20. dakota 007 says:

    i could barely make out what llama was saying

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