Episode 123: New Halo 3 Hotness part 1 of 2

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We’re back again with another 2-parter! This week the2cheat joins us to talk all about the recently revealed Halo 3 info in EGM and other magazines. Be sure to check out the outtakes at the end!

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30 Responses to Episode 123: New Halo 3 Hotness part 1 of 2

  1. yup277 says:


  2. t3hreaper says:


  3. Killazilla says:


    What happened to having Podtacular members on the podcast?

  4. foomojive says:

    the2cheat is from podtacular. i know he hasn’t been real active in the forums but he’s been on the show before. yo killazilla PM me, we might be able to get you on a future show. I know you’ve been around a while.

  5. QualityJeverage says:

    the2cheat?! Now that’s a name I haven’t heard in a long time. Good to see you back cheat!

  6. II CHRISBOT II says:


  7. AERO Strik3 says:

    Great work as always!

  8. marooner says:

    Looks to be another great show and that goes for the next one to!!!

    never seen the2cheat before but i’m sure he’s been here longer than me…

  9. CrimsonViper says:

    I believe he popped up in the IRC recently. ClownX might be able to recall it…

  10. styles clash says:

    eww harry potter anywayz great show yes 2 parts keep up the great work

  11. styles clash says:

    eww harry potter anywayz great show yes 2 parts keep up the great work

  12. unl3a5h3d says:

    The baseball game sounds really fun. I actually remember the2cheat from like a long time ago. But great show cant wait for the 2nd part.

  13. tubaguhbluba says:

    Yay! Another 2 part show!

  14. Duffman X18 says:

    Thank you :D

  15. CapnKrunk says:

    I’d also like to present the custom gametype of Warthog Golf, which only requires a Gravity Hammer and a ‘hog and can include as many players as you like. There’s a reason they call it Sandtrap, y’know.

    Oh, and this is a gentlemen’s game, so dress nice…and don’t forget your hot, throbbing dumplings. :D

  16. John Wayne 119 says:

    lol Great show guys my fav part was clearly the outtakes, i found myself concerned after the jesus joke as i heard JVB have what i thought sounded like a shortness of breath followed by unconsciousness , but lucky it seems i was wrong, thankfully

  17. Duffman X18 says:

    Do I get a medal?

  18. face head says:

    the2cheat was from a REAL while ago. i dont rememeber the last time he was on. anyway, good outtakes. listened to this last night…

  19. marooner says:

    CapnKrunk thats a great idea. It might be the first time i actuly do good at some sort of golf type thing.

  20. lucastoast says:

    rotflol my dumplings are pulsating! did anyone here from bungie about the guy who used forge to put all the fusion cores on the ‘phant and the reset times to allmost zero? sounds like some great halo goodness comin’

  21. foomojive says:

    welcome, dumpling fans!

  22. Hoogs says:

    Sweet, I’ll be listening during the paper route in a few minutes. And “styles clash “, I bet you’ve never even read a Harry Potter book. The story is much deeper than Halo’s IMO.

  23. styles clash says:

    i don’t read harry potter it is a CHILDREN’s book and i am going to be a senior this fall i read one flew over the cuckoo’s nest, the great gatsby, the sound and the fury, the hours, the kite runner, to kill a mockingbird,frankenstein, a tale of two cities, slaughterhouse-five, Walden and more during my high school years. those are real and amazing books check them out Hoogs but watch there are big words that you might not know.

  24. BigGoalieDan says:

    Man he’s been around for awhile. I’m still working my way backwards through the old episodes and I’m down to Episode 17 and his name is mentioned. According to Spel Chek in that episode he also posted the Wikipedia info about Podtacular.

    BTW my favorite outtake so far from any episode comes from episode 17 at the end:
    Foo Mo: “Thanks Big Lou. Wonder how big you really are? Uh..(Pause) Oh man I shouldn’t have said that.”

  25. Duffman X18 says:

    Let’s not start flaming here. Many people besides kids like the Harry Potter series.

  26. the2cheat says:

    Great to finally be back on. Wow, people actually remember me.

  27. Duffman X18 says:

    I need somebody to make me a Golden Dumpling Medal…

  28. Hoogs says:

    But that’s exactly where your ignorance shows, because they are NOT childrens books, especially not the last ones. The media just makes it out to be, but I don’t want to argue, so whatever.

  29. Total Tortilla says:

    When a man eats a dumpling… and it’s so hot… it burns his mouth.
    AUGH!!! This dumpling is hawt! It’s pulsating! Kill it!
    LOL best bloopers yet.

  30. techboy21 says:

    you people crack me up…”im selling a dumpling on ebay for $1,000,000,000…it has a picture of jesus on it” lol

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