Episode 117: AAAAARG!

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This show is all about the new Halo Alternate Reality game known as IRIS. We explain what an alternate reality game is, the story so far on this one, and how to participate. Joining us this week to unravel the mystery is CapnKrunk, who as you can see has been following the progress pretty closely. Show’s about an hour. Enjoy!

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18 Responses to Episode 117: AAAAARG!

  1. Demonkiller77 says:

    this is all wired and u can get it on itunes now
    and where can i go to find out as much as possible about this stuff

  2. willysf says:

    i cant seem to download it from the site or itunes

  3. Killazilla says:

    “File not found”

  4. foomojive says:

    the file is available now. as far as the pod art: it’s adjutant reflex’s icon sized up considerably, thus the jaggies.

  5. tubaguhbluba says:

    i still cant get it on itunes

  6. Crunchman says:

    There was a little too much laughing in the beginning, I was wondering if it was ever going to start. :P
    Once you got into it the subject of ARGs, I found it really informative. I actually listened to all the “I Love Bees” audio clips yesterday for the first time after one forum poster provided it(peeked my interest), so I knew what you guys were talking about, which helped out. :P

    Thanks for answering my question!

  7. drive_c says:

    Looks like I’m in the shownotes! :D I hope they read me. I am going to Download it here instead of iTunes because it is not working…

    Edit: Awesome Show! BTW, it made me sound like I don’t like this ARG, I do. I would like to learn about the forerunners this way.

  8. Demonkiller77 says:

    i cant get it from itunes ether

  9. foomojive says:

    I’m aware of the itunes problem and I’m working on a fix. This is yet another feedburner error but this time it’s one I haven’t encountered before. In the mean time you should be able to download it from the download link above.

  10. Legendary Hooligan says:

    anybody noticed episode 117? the number, i mean. just curious.

  11. Legendary Hooligan says:

    yeah i got a 404 not found. itunes wont even recognize it’s out. no rush foo. :-p

  12. XBmaster says:

    I still can’t get it from the download link on this page. I’m getting a 404 – not Found Error.

  13. Logan Payne says:

    I’m going to go grab photoshop and draw a club to beat you to death with…
    I’m kidding great show I just obsess over image quality inj the cover ARG…ART

  14. Timm says:

    yes thanks for the link…and thanks for this awesome show…before this i had never heard of an ARG and enjoyed listening to this, im hooked on it now and will be sure to follow it closely

  15. Demonkiller77 says:

    thank u

  16. Demonkiller77 says:

    where is the comic that u guys were talking about

  17. Master_Podtack says:

    Im Arnold Popeysneger! Lol

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