Episode 116: Interview Frenzy

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This show is kind of a variety show with a series of Halo-related interviews. First we interview Logan Payne, the lone wolf Halo 2 Vista player. Then we have some interesting interviews with some folks from Tied the Leader, 2old2play and Halo Unyielding. Thanks to Lancelot59 for this week’s pod art. Show’s about an hour long, so settle in with your headphones and spartan laser and get listening!

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13 Responses to Episode 116: Interview Frenzy

  1. Logan Payne says:

    Great Show
    This guy talking about Vista seems very cool.

  2. CapnKrunk says:

    Those were some great interviews, guys. It’s pretty awesome to see how those other communities put their events together and keep all their ducks in a row…and that Logan guy too. ;)

  3. Duffman X18 says:

    Psshh, He sounds like a noob.:)
    Pretty sweet interviews

  4. Bad_Karma says:

    whats with the 2 minutes of silence at the very end?

  5. JVB says:

    Thats a Sopranos ending..lol

  6. lilkuke says:

    Are the Questions in the shownotes all you got this week?

  7. Kickimanjaro says:

    How can I get this other than iTunes? My iTunes is f-messed up and I’d like to download it with the “Download” link, but all that does is just pops it up in another window….

  8. Stuicide says:

    Thanks for coming out to the TTL LAN Foo Mo.

    It was a lot of fun to meet ya.

  9. foomojive says:

    hold the ALT key and click download. or right-click the download link and select “save as”

  10. foomojive says:

    daah it was just a mistake on my part.

  11. TTL Quantifier says:

    Good interviews Foo Mo!

  12. TTL Ballistic says:

    Thanks for editing the stupid out of me, Foo Mo!

    I am definitely looking forward to the next time we LAN.

  13. Wrestleman13 says:

    Hey my kick boxing instructor Nate Curtis said you interviewed himon this episode at a LAN party. I am listening to this right now and I don’t know if it is him. Do you know foo mo?

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