Episode 112: More leaked footage

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This show we talk about the other leaked footage that later got taken down. Guests this show are Swagger from podtacular and Rusty Ranchero, host of the “live on live” show at XBLRadio.com. We also have the past week’s XBL arcade reviews from Rist Peblo and as usual a few surprises at the end. Pod art this week was sent in by roB eAsilY. Show’s about 1:15. Hope you enjoy it! By the way, next show will be a unique episode. We’re not taking user input this time, it will make sense why after the show. We’ll definitely resume that with the following show.

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11 Responses to Episode 112: More leaked footage

  1. jburton90 says:

    Guests this show are Swagger from podtacular ???

  2. Killazilla says:

    Who? lol

  3. foomojive says:

    lol that’s what he wanted to be called all the sudden. i don’t know why. he goes by another name on IM and he said swagger was his podtacular name, but i’ve never seen anyone named swagger on here.

  4. Killazilla says:

    Oh and I was being sarcastic about the turrets.

    I guess i forgot the #1 rule of the internet “Don’t try to be sarcastic with text”

  5. toowicked4u says:

    mmmm…chocolate pudding

  6. blankCANVAS says:


    Am I misunderstanding, or is he just some random guy who claimed to be a poster?

    I frequent the forums quite a bit, and I’ve never seen him before…I even searched his name and received no results.

  7. foomojive says:

    ask JVB about him.

  8. chuckiej says:

    The person who was saying 10 days, then 5 months then 1 month was talking about:
    the beta, the game, then the real Christmas (they are assuming the game will come out in Nov)

  9. Killazilla says:

    I went back and watched one of the vids again and the sword does appear to have a battery.

  10. yup277 says:

    That’s what I said in my submission, but for some reason mine never get read.

  11. Coyote 187 says:

    Yea… I screwed up my math, thanks for covering my back Chuckie!

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