Episode 111: Halo 3 leaked video special

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This show turned out really good. We talk all about the leaked Halo 3 video and learn a bit about what to expect from Halo 3. We also have this past week’s Xbox Live Arcade Reviews from Rist Peblo and the winner of the Crackdown contest! Guest this week is George from the frickin’ sweet gaming blog aeropause.com. It’s an hour and a half of Podtacular goodness.

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14 Responses to Episode 111: Halo 3 leaked video special

  1. BeaverDeath says:

    First Comment!

    Awesome! I’ve been waiting for a while.
    This Halo 3 Beta will reveal a BUTTLOAD of hidden things we don’t know. I’m excited.

  2. Killazilla says:

    One thing I would like to say.

    I was talking with a guy in the Microsoft Interneal Beta (the beta that was leaked) and he said that while they are testing 7 maps, only 3 will be in the public beta and Last Resort (Zanzibar) would not be one of them.

    Sorry JVB.

  3. foomojive says:

    it’s still awesome though. so cool to see a new zanzibar that is much better than we expected. you got to check out the episode for some really interesting info: things we learned from the video.

  4. blankCANVAS says:

    Sounds great, I hope my shownote is read.

  5. JoeDaddy1138 says:

    Thanks FooMo. We’ve been waiting for this one all week!

  6. Cramsy says:

    Ive sent in a few things before :)

  7. toowicked4u says:

    Sign me up for the Podtacular Face-Smacking Team…
    there are a few racists & bigots i’ve met online that could use a slapping

  8. Chevelle65 says:

    JVB – VERY NICE <--like borat says it!

  9. Sqweryl says:

    Great Podcast! The return of the chocolate milk! Thanks for the shout out chuckie!

  10. lilkuke says:

    You could just use leaves instead of huggies…. just an idea JVB….

  11. LoneWarrior says:

    why won’t people ever stop talking stuff about me :( !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! stupid freakin stuff talkers
    im gonna stuff all over you if you do stop talking stuff about me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! anyway great show and i think there should be a function where you can stuf in or on sombody in stead of teebagin em

  12. LoneWarrior says:

    oh yea im in on the face smackin da trash talkers team ask lilkuke we played some great match making game and i ended em all with more then 20 kills

  13. lilkuke says:

    Yes you did LoneWarrior.

    I’m in on the face smaking too!

  14. CapnKrunk says:

    And now there’s a name for this affliction: Boratitis.

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