Episode 106: Halo 3 Show

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This week’s mysterious mystery guest is Gamer Andy from gamerandy.com, an established and cool gaming podcast. We also have TheDecode on the show, our resident PGR2 master. This time we’re talking about The Legendary Edition price change, the new Bungie.net, and all kinds of interesting ideas for Halo 3. Show clocks in at a hefty 1:19.

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7 Responses to Episode 106: Halo 3 Show

  1. Spartan Sandwich says:

    sweet, thanks :D

  2. CCx Sam says:

    hey, i just played with gamer andy on shadowrun. he said he was gunna make room for me on his friends list, but never did :(

  3. blankCANVAS says:

    Nice. Sounds really great.

  4. Killazilla says:

    Ah man Mine took so long to write I just missed getting it in in time to be on the show :( Oh well I send it again to the next halo 3 show.

  5. marooner says:

    I’ve always wanted a helmet of the mc that i could try to put on but its not actully a helmet so i would fail… great episode :)

  6. chunkydude95 says:

    Dude you shouldnt make fun of Jarred.. so what if has terrible grammar and has a dogg named Butt. He is a cool guy ,,, that’s word on the street .. yeah

  7. Babamthegrunt says:

    hmm how about a MC helmet with a built in mic?

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