Episode 105: GRAW 2 King of the Hill show

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It’s the King of the Hill show where we compare a hot new game to Halo. Does GRAW 2 stack up to the best? We have some great guests to help answer that question: GLewis is back, and he started sweating so bad he had to towel off when he heard there was going to be a girl on the show: Ooopy from TheAdultGamer.com. (We kid, we kid) Also we have DC Crash from DCcombat.com, a sweet matchmaking and tournament site. Thanks to StickyGerbils, artist of halo heads, for the amazing pod art. Show is 1:11 long, so make a wish!

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14 Responses to Episode 105: GRAW 2 King of the Hill show

  1. blankCANVAS says:

    Sounds great!

  2. QualityJeverage says:

    I’m sure there’s something very witty down there but I can’t read the fine print on the Pod Art! Too small!

  3. JVB says:

    This was a funny Ep. I had a lot of fun.

    The pod art is great. Good job Gerbils

  4. Logan Payne says:

    “While supplies last. Please wash before using. Not reccomended for the elderly or kittens.”

  5. Killazilla says:

    Wow only 4 submissions and you still pulled it over an hour! This is going to be awesome!

  6. Babamthegrunt says:

    awsome job guys, I enjoy tactical shooter but I’m to lame to buy them and I don’t have a 360 but still I’m so psyched!

  7. CrashWave says:

    Woohoo for a fellow Crash.

    Nice ep!

  8. marooner says:

    hhhmmm…. cant afford it.
    Also i find it kind wierd that he sweats that much while playing. Or maybe he is working out while wearing a headset.

  9. ImpulsiveNinja says:

    Honestly here, I would have to say, that currently, G.R.A.W. 2 totally blows away Halo, but only in certain categories. I mean, just like the podcast went, Halo and G.R.A.W. 2 are two completely different game types, except for the fact that you shoot guns and die. I mean, currently, halo is a huge hit world wide. Halo has it’s story which i know most halo fans can just dive right into, soaking up the drama and action, such as myself. But as far as game play and the realism factor go, it pretty much fails to G.R.A.W 2. In G.R.A.W, the shadows move, such as if the wind were blowing and the trees were swaying, the shadows move with the trees, also G.R.A.W has an engine that is completely amazing as far as realism goes, it is made so that it looks as it would to the human eye, except for the pixels that are very apparent in the shadows. The story of GRAW is not quite as enthralling and amazing as halo, but it does have the fact and realism of actual life in the U.S. Army. So as far as it goes, halo is awesome, but G.R.A.W. 2 currently schools it. I know that G.R.A.W. 2 is next gen, but still.

  10. stickygerbils says:


    Great show guys!

  11. Killazilla says:

    I agree with ninja. The small little graphical details in GRAW 2 are just amazing. One of them that I really noticed is the cloud cover. I was playing the 60 minute defend match and all of us noticed this. every so often, the level will darken, just like in real life when clouds pass over the sun. It is a REALLY cool effect. Also the wind is amazing. On desert levels you will actually see small dust clouds form and blow across the level. The smoke is great too. Unlike in most games, the smoke will not pass through walls and actually moves around the enviroment.

    Shadowing is also well done. the shadows of trees
    1.)actually show detail such as leaves and twisted limbs
    2.) move when the wind blows the trees.

    One unconfirmed detail: I believe that the sun might also move in the sky. What I am saying is I think (unconfirmed) that the shadows actually move like they would when the sun moves across the sky.

    I know games aren’t all about graphics but GRAW 2 is just amazing to look at let alone play.

    This game blows away all others that are currently out on 360. R6 V and GoW are about to join Halo 2 on the shelf.

  12. toowicked4u says:

    after listening to this episode, i immediately went out and bought GRAW2. Haven’t had a chance to do multiplayer yet, but so far it’s pretty fun

  13. marooner says:

    nice to see some long comments on this topic… i’m to lazy to read.

  14. LoneWarrior says:

    this game truly is amazing if you like tactical games like GoW or splinter cell or you simply like tom clancy will love this game plus if you have save game files from other tom clancy games you can get some new gear like the splinter cell gogles or the rainbow six healmet.

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