Episode 102: Customs and Callins

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It’s the customs and callins show where we talk about the top few custom games people sent in, the top few jokes, some voice mails from the month from CapnKrunk, and some tales from the foxhole. Guest host this week is Dialpex, the community director at Podtacular. Art this week is an original hand-drawn piece from Crimson Viper. Nice! Shoutout to our fellow members at Gamercast Network, I forgot to append the audio about that this episode, but it will be in episode 103. Dig it!

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15 Responses to Episode 102: Customs and Callins

  1. Logan Payne says:

    Awesome Episode…
    Thanks for uploading right when I don’t get to listen to it all…
    G’Night podtacular

  2. Spartan Sandwich says:

    w00t! Thanks, I was craving my weekly dose of podtacular ;)

  3. Babamthegrunt says:

    DAAAH it’s not on Itunes!!

  4. juice57 says:

    yea it’s finialy up.

  5. blankCANVAS says:

    It’s great so far guys, nice job.

  6. Stooch says:

    Ooo double helpings…

  7. Killazilla says:

    “No offence to Brentgamer or Killazilla but you guys always have them on the show.”

    Whoa! Did I record some episodes in my sleep?

  8. CapnKrunk says:


    I’m…too spicy…for my food. ROFFLES!!

  9. Stooch says:

    Man the end had me in stitches!

  10. BeaverDeath says:

    My first custom!

  11. LoneWarrior says:

    thank you dialpex for reading my tale from the fox hole :)

  12. LoneWarrior says:

    thank you dialpex for reading my tale from the fox hole :)

  13. Chevelle65 says:

    ohhhh glow sticks!!!!!

  14. ForgotenAERO says:

    i see my custom game submission in the shownotes but in the episode you just completely skip me and go to jokes and funny gamertags. Other then that, awesome episode, thank you so much

  15. Rocktard says:

    Man, that pod art is awesome. Great episode, guys.

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