MLG Update 2: Columbus Aftermath

GLewis and Brent Gamer are back for the second episode of the Inside MLG Update. This episode covers the aftermath of MLG Columbus with roster changes and more. We get our first batch of user submissions ranging from MLG tips and questions to throw at the hosts. We also discuss the interview about Ghostayame and what he plans to do with his gaming career. Special guests include Plasma Qrenades and Dust Storm. Enjoy.

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11 Responses to MLG Update 2: Columbus Aftermath

  1. razza 119 says:

    why there no show notes?

  2. razza 119 says:

    does any 1 know the full rossder for str8 rippin?

  3. kold killa 119 says:

    gr8 show guys keep up the supercalafragealisticxpalidoicous work

  4. Dust Storm says:

    Shownotes are only for the main podcast

  5. kold killa 119 says:

    o k dust storm

  6. kold killa 119 says:

    u r a legand

  7. razza 119 says:

    kold killa stop postin so much u may get urself banned for spaming

  8. RicE sNak RozZ says:

    Now that would be funny

  9. razza 119 says:

    what would be funny rozz?

  10. RicE sNak RozZ says:

    If kold killa 119 got banned for spam.
    Hey that rhyms

  11. razza 119 says:

    no that does not rhyme if it were 2 rhyme it would kold killa 119 got a ban for spam

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