Halo News 7

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OMG! Halo News gets hit with budget cuts, a Spartan on the edge and Chevelle65 handles some pesky impostors!

Pop quiz: What do Van Halen, Kris Kross and House of Pain have in common? Watch and find out!

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32 Responses to Halo News 7

  1. lazr shoopdwoop says:

    ba ba ba ba ba I’m lovin it

  2. Butt-nacho says:

    hmm I liked the guy jumping off the building scene… I wonder who could of thought of such a great idea for the news. Whoever thought of that is one smart nacho… I mean cookie lol. O ya I think the guy in the beginning in the blue was me haha.

  3. SpartanXXX says:

    Wow another great Halo News. Great job on this guys. Loved the little intro with the action figures. Keep up the good work.

  4. BrentGamer says:

    Halo News gives love a bad name! Awesome!

    On a side note, what WAS he gonna do with all that junk, all that junk inside his trunk?

  5. Rist peblo says:


  6. Killazilla says:

    IT’S CHEVELLE! RUN!!!! lol awesome vid!

  7. spartan1118 says:

    I loved the music choice. I really liked the part with the Third Eye Blind and he says, “THAT’S EVEN WORSE THAN THE LAST ONE!”

  8. BigDaddy991 says:

    That was great. Good job guys.

  9. jburton90 says:

    I love the classic 80’s music!

  10. vyse121 says:


  11. Algebra Cow says:

    I was a fraud i’m spartan 3 and it was awsome.

  12. ausomadam says:

    yeah def leapard party !!!!!!!
    good episode man keep up the good work

  13. ClownX says:

    I think with the jumper, you should have made the guy look like [url=http://www.bungie.net/Stats/PlayerStats.aspx?player=TollBoothWilley]this…[/url]

  14. guitarboyy says:

    now make it 4 ipod

  15. Chevelle65 says:

    It’s comming, as soon as foo mo get back from his trip!

  16. guitarboyy says:

    awesome! now make it 4 ipod and ill b happy

  17. guitarboyy says:

    awesome luv it now make it 4 ipod

  18. Algebra Cow says:

    guitarboyy chill dude u triple posted and we have to wait for foo mo to get back.

  19. Killazilla says:

    lay off the mountain dew buddy. Post comment only has to be hit once!

  20. trainsrokg says:

    how come this isnt on podcast yet?

  21. Chevelle65 says:

    FO MOO IS ON VACATION, he puts them up there, it will be up next week

  22. patton45 says:

    Wonder where he’s at? Must be havin fun.

  23. Panther 86 says:

    he was gonna get you drunk

  24. Panther 86 says:

    in response to “BrentGamer’s” “on the side note what WAS he gonna do with all that junk all that junk inside his trunk” he was gonna get you drunk!

  25. HaloJordan6 says:

    WOO HOOOOO!!! this stuff rules chevelle..i cant wait to do the next one with you….this stuff is fun…keep up the work and i will be here to help you if you need help with anything…

  26. toowicked4u says:

    Budget cuts….ROFL!!

  27. gaarland22 says:

    thats correct

  28. gaarland22 says:

    thats correct

  29. gaarland22 says:

    he gonna get you dronk get you dronk with his lady hump

  30. kbcmmm7667 says:

    I liked the Budget Cuts – LMAO!

    I also liked the building one the best! Jump! LOL.

    Good Work You Guys!

  31. Delta Snow says:

    Where is episode 8

  32. Stooch says:

    Oh, sweet Jesus..

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