Halo News 5

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Your favorite news team is back headed up by Chevelle65, with Algebra Cow and lx Fatality xl reporting from the newsroom. This time we’ve got some drunk drivers and a sneak peek at a hot new game show!

Big thanks to Louis Wu and HBO for hosting the iPod version of this episode for us.

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9 Responses to Halo News 5

  1. QualityJeverage says:

    Fwoom! FIRST!

    Downloading now!

  2. Algebra Cow says:

    awsome.  I’m cracking up from memory.

  3. face head says:

    THAT WAS DEY BEST EVER!! more cop plz!!

  4. sapadrew says:


  5. meean Luc says:

    I liked it ALOT it was funny great episode

  6. SDtektiv says:

    That was very cool! I think that I can help Ai-ee-sha with her problem, you see, what I think is that Ai-ee-sha needs is to get away from New Mombasa, and to find herself an Elite. If I was expecting a pretty girl and saw an Elite instead, I would run for my life too. Maybe Dr. Phil could help her. LoL!

    Nice blooper with the Rockets too!

  7. rebelrock7710 says:

    hey chevelle i have a capture card and a game set with no HUD at all and no weapons. i cant tell if your cropping the HUD out or what but i could give you a hand if you need it.

  8. juglar says:

    miss with rockets hilarious

  9. Panther 86 says:

    awsome!!! if I had the rocket launcher I would have hit them!

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