Halo: Community Update Recap – Summer Red, Summer Blue

Halo CU 8/5/16

343 Industries has returned with another Halo Community Update, this time highlighting some of what’s to come. To start, Triple Team is available in Halo 5: Guardians right now and will be until the next weekly playlist drops. A recap was made available of the events of the HCS Summer Finals in North America, where CLG took home the win. Halo Wars 2 will be playable this year at Gamescom, but there will not be a Microsoft Press Conference as opposed to last year, where it was revealed. New content was teased both in the article with the confirmed release of Forge pre-fabs and a file browser, as well as Bravo’s confirmation on his own Twitter that more content would be revealed later this month.

Moving on to Canon Fodder, GrimBrotherOne took a deeper dive into Halo: Ground Command and Halo: Fleet Battles. Both are table-top large scale war simulators set in the Halo universe, developed by Spartan Games. To start, some display models will be available at this year’s Gen Con. The two person starter set for Ground Command, based on the Battle of Reach, will feature game-authentic models and heavy customization features, like different parts for the Phantom model. Grim took the time to write up some lore descriptions for certain types of infantry and vehicles, so you can take a look at the article if you’d like to read more.

Source: HaloWaypoint.com

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