Halo 4 Spartan Ops: Expendable


Spartan Thorne and Dr. Glassman have been traveling through canyons on Requiem making their way to Galileo base after their escape from the Covenant. While they’ve made considerable progress and almost home, they are not alone, pursued by an unknown threat. Back on infinity, the Promethean attack continues as Halsey and Lasky run around Infinity until found by Palmer. The true purpose of the Promethean attack is revealed when Dr Halsey is willingly snatched up by a Knight. Will Thorne and Glassman survive the impending attack? What’s going to happen to Dr. Halsey from the UNSC for her treason and from the Covenant after allowing herself to be captured? If you’ve got two and a half hours, then let me and HaloFanForLife give you the rundown. Enjoy

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