Halo 4 Spartan Ops: Epilogue


It’s down to the last thread as Fireteam Majestic along with Commander Palmer work to take down the last artifact keeping Infinity locked with Requiem. Thankfully it’s not too late before they succeed and high tail it out of Requiem back to Infinity. Once on board, Infinity makes an emergency slipspace jump out of the system successfully escaping a narrow window of death. Meanwhile, Dr. Glassman is evaluating the one half of the Janis key recovered by Spartan Thorne while Halsey is interrogated in the captivity of Jul ‘Mdama and holding the other half of the key. Halsey is always one step ahead in getting what she wants and now it’s time for revenge… or is it?

Many thanks go out to HaloFanForLife for sticking it out for all of these episodes covering the entirety of this Spartan Ops experience. We both look forward to any mention of a second season despite the likeliness of that not happening, but have enjoyed every minute of bringing you this content. Make sure to check out his blog with many more resources to accompany what we talked about during these episodes. You can find him over at HaloFanForLife.com. This series would have not been possible without him.

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