Halo 4 Campaign: Requiem


Continuing our journey in the Halo 4 Campaign, the Master Chief crash lands on Requiem in the remains of the Forward Unto Dawn and other Covenant ships that got sucked in with you. There’s no doubt that there are Covenant that made it down with you too. Near the very beginning of the level, there is one part that truly shows how beautiful the game looks on 7 year old hardware, but don’t let that keep you for too long. Remember, you need to figure out where you are. We are joined by B2theRyanNewman to help cover the mission. Enjoy

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One Response to Halo 4 Campaign: Requiem

  1. Spartan LZ (Virgil Cooper) says:

    Instead of doing walk trough type Pod cast ( lately) can you bring up the DLC achievements “Crimson”. For instance strategies on how to get some difficult achievements. I know people can go on youtube, but I think is would a more interesting topic. I think even if you could talk about some older titles (obviously Halo 4, is the latest greatest) however if you mix it up it might help with adding new content. Also, with E3 coming up maybe you can find some rumors to talk about. Halo 2 (remake), Halo Wars (2) Xbox 720 and how that would improve Halo going forward. I really like this podcast and my favorite epasoides were when you talked about Forward Unto Dawn series. So don’t get discouraged you guys are doing a great job!

    BTW; I don’t think you finished all the books!

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