Halo 4 Campaign: Midnight


Master Chief and Cortana have chased the Didact to Earth where he plans to compose the entire planet. The duo have managed to get inside the Didact ship’s shields before it jumped to slipspace, now trying to find a way in to the Composer. If the Didact is successful at Earth, nothing will stop him from composing the entire human race. Will Chief be able to stop the Didact before the population of Earth is composed? Will Cortana survive her rampancy? Join us for our final episode of our campaign coverage as SixOkay, former Waypoint Top 5 host and now Community Manager for Robot Entertainment joins us for the final journey in Master Chief and Cortana’s Halo 4 saga. Enjoy

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  1. Danny says:

    I was just listening to you guys talking about your Halo predictions so I dove back into the Bungie Archives to finally find this post from me. While not exact my idea was spot on in some parts so check it out below. I left the bad spelling in there as well.

    Ok so since this topic is on the Forerunners I will say something this time about them. I wwill also give what I think will happen in the end of the game. I base this on a few things, but the last thing I have ever read about the end made it come to light.

    Here is the quote.

    “Oh, and the ending. OMG. I cried a little. Seriously. In a good way, not in a Halo 2 way.”

    Now based on this statement, I had already concluded it would be a Hollywood ending with the MC dying and coming back but I began to think a bit harder about it.

    Everyone is and always has been asking where did the Forerunners go. We were told they all died but since then have found way too many clues to show they could have easily survived. Could it be the Forerunners purposely did not give the Monitors the right information on their whereabouts/destiny so that the Flood would never be able to find them or anyone for that matter.

    The fact they had a way to live and needed to make sure the Flood never followed makes it more applicable. Add in the fact they left behind traces of their tech and existance(ie no ships but one and no-bodies) makes it even more possible.

    My thinking is this and is relevant to the end of the game which would draw the kind of reaction stated above by Pruducer Curtis Creamer.

    I think that to activate the ark you must pass through an area you can never return from. What I am saying is the MC will activate whatever he has to and can never return to the galaxy. I don’t have specifics or any technical crap to go along with it but I think this will happen or someting like it.

    This would explain why the Forerunners never came back and why we are called Reclaimers a bit better. As far as the real purpose of a Reclaimer who knows. I would bet it gives the humans access to something big or powerful they use to defeat the Covenant in Halo 3 not just the privelage of killing life again. That would not make you a reclaimer just a mass murderer.

    The statement he made in my opinion made more sense when he said not in a Halo 2 way. What I am saying is it could have a cliffhanger but not one that will be in the middle of the war. As mentioned above, it could end with the MC sacraficing himself but not by death but by leaving this galaxy forever so that he can save the galaxy. Bungie said it’s the end of the Story Arc not the Halo Universe. Why can’t Halo 4 be about the MC trying to get back to the galaxy he came from after help the Forerunners defeat the enemy they found wherever they went. It could be his reward.:)

    Unless they heard all the humans into the Ark and he stayed behind to activate it(which seems like a lot of impossible work) I can’t think of any other way one could sacrafice themselves to save humanity without dying and the MC dying would be more than a little cry for the producer and again the not in a Halo 2 way makes it seem more solid that he doesn’t die but is lost in space.

    This would clearly make the statement seem more realistic and something that would draw that type of reaction. Sad but at least he didn’t die and I wonder what happens to him. We could swap the Arbiter into the MC spot and that would also be sad and get a good cry.

    The only good cries in movies is when they think someone dies but they really didn’t.

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