Guest Hosting On Sarcastic Gamer

I recently had the pleasure of guest hosting on Sarcastic Gamer and the show turned out really good. We talk about why I was playing campaign on easy, the Fox News fiasco, my unpopular opinion on Gamespot-gate, and other important topics like pizza delivery tipping. If you haven’t heard them before, Sarcastic Gamer puts on a really great half-hour weekly show with some great comedy. | Subscribe in iTunes | Download episode 25 with foo mo jive

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14 Responses to Guest Hosting On Sarcastic Gamer

  1. Anorexic Leader says:

    Sweet…as soon as I get home I’ll download it. I must know why you were playing on easy Foo Mo, therefore I shall listen!

  2. chuckiej says:

    Update: Great job foo mo! Gotta work on your “take us out” skills though!

  3. Lalizig says:

    Ha ha ha, great show Foo! I love how they kept calling you Foo, or Mr. Jive, etc. We need more cross-GCN hosting though, it’d be nice if Lono could come on an episode of Podtacular… oh wait, he threw out his copy of Halo 3, nevermind…

  4. John Wayne 119 says:

    That was my first time listening to that podcast, i found it to be an easy listen and interestingly funny, me thinks i shall listen to more of this thing , great job Foo Mo, take it easy lol

  5. foomojive says:

    hehe yeah i wasn’t expecting that… “foo, take us out!” “what? uh, see ya later?” lol

  6. Dialpex says:

    Haha what a great podcast.. Dave is funny tho… Easy button.. LMAO

  7. chuckiej says:

    He is. My facebook status now says:
    “Chuck pressed the Easy button and Foo Mo Jive showed up at his house!”

  8. Master_Podtack says:


  9. weapwnsmaster says:

    Why’d you go and attack Dave? That was not ok… Didn’t your mom ever teach you manners? When you’re guest hosting something don’t make fun of people… Come on man…

  10. ManOfPopsicle says:

    yeah i gotta agree with weapwnsmaster… not trying to hate or anything… but you just don’t fun of people when your guest hosting lol… it’s all good though.
    that was my third time listening to that podcast, and i get the impression that it’s a laid back, funny podcast. i found it hilarious when Doc yells at Dave lol…
    my favorite part was when tipper queen got on the show, and she goes
    “i do what i can with a plastic controller” LOL AND EVERYONE GOT QUIET FOR LIKE 5 SECONDS
    and Doc goes “heh heh… hey, that could go alot of ways” I was rolling on the freaking floor laughing lol

  11. foomojive says:

    You do know that whole segment is a joke, right? The joke was that they just ripped on me with every joke before that but suddenly I’m not allowed to rip on Dave. :) They even fed me that joke because I couldn’t think of anything on the fly.

  12. chuckiej says:

    Don’t tell us that!!!! I was so proud you came up with something!!!!

  13. weapwnsmaster says:

    Of course we know it was a joke ; ) And BTW, never try a career as a stand up comedian.

  14. Master_Podtack says:

    Lol, I Pressed The Easy Button, And Foomojive Shows Up At My Door!!!!!! Lol.

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